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Cut Throat Freak Show @The Jinx

Show starts at 10 p.m. Wednesday, July 9. Cover is $10.

Not a band, exactly, but I suppose you could say there's something musical in what they do. It has to have rhythm, that's for sure.

Jeremy Kinison and his wife Lauren, known as Cut Throat and Candy Pants, are the founders and architects of this traveling band of rogues who inflict pain on themselves for our amusement. Like everyone in the freakshow biz, they have high tolerance levels, and they’ve been doing this so long (nearly 20 years now) they’re experts in twisting and finagling their muscles in very specific ways—so they don’t injure and/or kill themselves.

Other daredevil routines involve nails, screws, swords and live worms encased in glass balls. There’s an art to this sort of thing.

Kinison’s stunts include shoving unnatural, large and very sharp things up his nose, and hanging heavy weights from his eyelids and genitals (yes kids, you read that right); Mrs. K. walks barefoot on broken glass, eats said glass, swallows fire and performs other freaky feats. They’re joined by Hermee, the Alternative Balloon Twister, and Harvey Gross (“the Grossest Man in Sideshow!”)

The gang’s current tour is called Strip Down Throw Down, and it apparently has a burlesque elements, with the addition of stripper Scarlett Storm from Philadelphia’s Rigor Mortis Revue, and additional assist in the strut ‘n’ sass department from our own Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue.