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Dad Joke #20: Urochromes, Life Stinks, Predator, Slugga, Cray Bags, Forced Entry, Sherman’s Boot @Dollhouse Productions

A toast to Dad Joke’s upcoming fest Punk Mess II, Dad Joke #20 is stacked with Total Punk, Scavengers of Death, Lumpy Records, and Gut Freak artists.

All attitude and snot, Urochromes sandwiches staticky fuzz with kiss-off melodies for some highly-catchy Western Mass punk.

Life Stinks hails from San Francisco and makes weirdo garage-punk built on oddball guitar dissonance clanging off of percussive vocals and tom-heavy drums.

Atlanta’s Predator offers fast-paced fuzz fun that sounds like it’ll be a furious blast to witness live.

It’s Savannah’s own Forced Entry’s last show ever; Cray Bags and Sherman’s Boot finish off the packed bill.

Thursday, June 2, 8 p.m., $7