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Dad Joke #26: David Liebe Hart, Greta O. & The Toxic Shock, The Gumps, Skippy Spiral @The Jinx

DOES THE glaring white of the new H&M store make you throw on your shades, scowl, and ask what the hell happened to downtown Savannah? Is the mall-ization of Broughton, the shuttering of venues, and the noise complaints of yuppie condo owners making your head spin?

Are you wondering if downtown can still even hold the weirdos?

Well, get down to Dad Joke #26 and soak it all up, ‘cause we got puppets, videos, comedy, singalongs, and hardcore punk frothing together in one bizarre and tasty stew on Thursday night.

David Liebe Hart came through Savannah last year to share his multimedia experience. Adult Swim fans will remember Hart’s unique puppetry, films, and songs from Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job! This time, he’ll be backed by cult soundmaker Th’ Mole, also known as DJ 0.000001, also known as Jonah Brown. Perhaps you’ve heard his chart-topping Internet sensation video, “I Love Unicorns,” a grindy, danceable rap ode to everyone’s favorite mythical beast?

It’s a match made in heaven—albeit, a strange, Technicolor heaven nestled deep in an LSD trip.

If you only know Skippy Spiral as The Savannah Sweet Tease’s MC, get ready to experience the multitalented performer’s music, a synth and organ-fueled style with nods to carnival influences and a little bit o’ punk.

Savannah’s own The Gumps and Greta O. & The Toxic Shock round out the bill.

Thursday, August 18, 9 p.m., $12 via, 21+