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Darsombra, Sins of Godless Men @The Jinx
Darsombra combine visuals and sound in their performances.

Baltimore’s Darsombra returns with their unique "trans-apocalptic galaxy rock." Featuring guitarist Brian Daniloski and video artist/synth player Ann Everton, the band has been touring for over ten years. Their style of slowly building layers to create an ambient/drone style of experimental metal paired with mesmerizing visuals is a sight to behold live.

The band most recently released Polyvision, an album featuring two songs clocking in at 21:47 and 22:31 each, via Translation Loss Records and Sonic Meditations.

Darsmobra is joined by Savannah’s Sins of Godless Men.

Thursday, January 25, 10 p.m., $5, 21+