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Destroyer of Light, Rottenblush, Hotplate @The Jinx

Brace yourself for some brutal sludge served up by Austin, Texas’s Destroyer of Light. From guttural growls to stadium-metal cries, vocalist Steve Colca leads an army of feedback, beefy riffs, and wickedly ceremonious pacings. Fans of old-school metal and think-outside-the-box riff rock will find something to love.

With Jeff Klein’s totally sinister, bristling bass, Colca and Keegan Kjeldsen’s dueling guitar leads, and Penny Turner’s domineering drums, stuff some Aleve in your pocket before you head downtown: you’re gonna have a bangover in the morning.

Locals Rottenblush and Hotplate help keep it heavy all night long.

Monday, February 1, 10 p.m., $7