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Dougie Poole, Jeff Zagers @El-Rocko Lounge

ENJOY an evening of beautifully unusual songwriting at El-Rocko this Saturday.

Dougie Poole’s songs are complex, lonely stretches of spaghetti Western desert where winsome synths roll like tumbleweeds in a surrealist landscape. Basslines are decidedly un-country and create an unexpected foundation for his unusual sound, but it’s Poole’s wide acoustic guitar strums, campfire harmonies, and his tremoring cowboy mourn that truly pulls the heartstrings.

The New York based singer-songwriter released his self-produced debut, Wideass Highway, in February. With song titles ranging from “Less Young but as Dumb,” “Dying on the Wrong Bus,” and “Port Authority Hymn,” Poole’s elegantly wry chronicles of solitude owe as much to indie-pop gods The Magnetic Fields as George Jones.

Savannah’s own Jeff Zagers is a perfect act to share a bill of Victrola-era melodies and meditative arrangements.

Saturday, July 22, 9 p.m., free, 21+