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Electric Lucifer Night @The Wormhole

With Savannah nightlife icons Nicodemus and Anitra Opera Diva at the helm, Electric Lucifer Night promises to be an evening of the unexpected, experimental, and electronic.

Nicodemus and Anitra Opera Diva’s duo Men Smash Atoms is a study in dark, experimental dance music. Elusive and a little wicked with intense synthesizers, spoken verses, and the undercurrent of Anitra Opera Diva’s weaving vibrato, Men Smash Atoms is an unforgettable experience to check off your Savannah bucket list.

Savannah’s Vinay Arora will send a shockwave of sexy grooves through the floor; songs like “Here Comes the Rain Again,” featuring Kelly Perry, leads with a pulsating, meditative, slow-growing synth lead, as textural strokes ease in and beats begin to crash around it all.

Infinite Neutral unfurls with steady-building effects and memorable leads on “This Was New York”—think trace-inducing trip-hop.

Topping it all off is Skippy Spiral—you may recognize him as the accordion-toting clown who acts as The Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue’s emcee and comic relief. When he’s not entertaining between acts, he makes spectral electronic music perfect for soundtracking your evening cemetery stroll.

Nicodemus aims to promote a series of electronic music events, beginning with Electric Lucifer Night. He hopes that, eventually, the evenings will grow into an annual electronic music festival here in Savannah; get out and support this first effort.

Saturday, December 12, 10 p.m., $5