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Eric Sommer @The Sentient Bean

With fingerstyle picking, earthy roots, and New Wave edge, Eric Sommer has been captivating audiences since his time in the early '80s Boston folk scene.

Sommer boasts a fascinating musical life story that’s found him winning audiences in hardcore punk venues, touring with Dead Kennedys, living in Aarhus, Denmark while playing with Danish bands, making a life on a houseboat in Amsterdam while gigging, coming back to America to live on the streets and in abandoned warehouses, giving it his all at every open mic he could find, and learning at the feet of influential and seasoned guitarist David Landau.

A weaver of “motion music,” Sommer has composed for films, features, animation, and documentaries. He’s settled near Washington, D.C. these days, but his troubadour habit remains. Sommer loves to get out on the open road and share his talents, playing somewhere between 200 and 270 shows a year.

With blues grit and front-porch authenticity, he’s an eclectic artist with a Brit-pop sensibility and front porch authenticity. Whether it’s a hooky chorus or a grimy, slide guitar riff, Sommer delivers an engaging and well-lived performance.

Saturday, June 25, 8 p.m., $5, all-ages