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Everymen, Que Lastima, The Zoo Peculiar, John Vournakis @The Jinx

Savannah loves some Everymen, and the whimsically rowdy punks are back again for a memorable show complete with audience engagement (pool noodle duels, anyone?), dancing on the bar, and the occasional bizarro cover (The Jinx was treated to a gypsy-fueled, acoustic-punk take on TLC’s "No Scrubs" during one of their last visits). With traditional folk instruments and over-the-top delivery, an Everymen show is always a treat.

This time, the band’s bringing carnivalesque “dumpster swing” group Que Lastima with them, who promise an equally wild and wonderful set. Some may remember frontman Paultergeist from his time in Lake Worth, Florida rock/blues/swing band Viva Le Vox. After parting ways with that troupe, Paultergeist rounded up a band of merry misfits, summoning organ, accordion, guitar, upright bass, trumpet, sax, clarinet, and drums to create a swampy vintage sound with punk underpinnings. You’ll hear traces of jazz, gypsy, Santeria, rock, and doo-wop in Que Lastima’s sound, so answer the call, throw back a shot of bourbon, and get on the dance floor.

Adding to the weirdo fun is The Zoo Peculiar, featuring Dr. Frank “Nipples” Lambshanks on lead vocals and keys, Furious “Ginger Bera” Rod on bass, melodica, and vocals, and Ryan J. “Baby Hollywood” Gatsby on drums, who promise “circus music from outer space.” The sound is zany, experimental rock with gypsy tones and carnival swagger. Like Everymen, these South Floridians are fans of elaborate live shows, often involving costuming, carnival performers, and balloon animals.

John Vournakis offers kinda-crunchy, hooky, fingerpicking alt-country. He might not be pulling rabbits out of hats or circus antics like his billmates, but Vournakis’ stories about growing up in Connecticut, Georgia, and Michigan exhibit lovely, poetic tact with naturally excellent songwriting at the core.

Thursday, June 30, 10 p.m., 21+