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EXCLUSIVE: Stream Black Water Choir’s “Stray Dogs,” available 3/24 via Furious Hooves
Savannah’s Corey Hines self-released Stray Dogs, his first LP under the moniker Black Water Choir, online in 2013. As Black Water Choir has come out of the shadows, playing more regularly in late 2014 and 2015, Savannah/Virginia label Furious Hooves is releasing a cassette of Stray Dogs on Furhoof: Sixth Man (a pressing the handmade-centric label reserves for large-quantity, manufactured run) on March 24.

Furious Hooves has teamed up with Connect Savannah to offer an exclusive first listen.

Hines' work is a fine selection for Furious Hooves, a label heavy on (though certainly not limited to) lo-fi, folk-influenced musings like Heavy Boots and Nadine Carina; Stray Dogs is the perfect Americana record, its genuineness soaking through the low wavers of Hines’ vocals and the tinny reverberations of the acoustic guitar.

The bedroom-style recording feel gives Stray Dogs an unparalleled kind of accessibility, like we’ve stayed up all night talking on the porch with Hines and he’s picking up his guitar just as the sun comes up. Vocals crackle and peak at times, breaking through that digital wall. There’s a sultry-cool swing about songs like “Some Nights (Let’s Take it Home)” that captures that height of Savannah summer, of a lagging, distinctly Southern kind of peaceable doubt. You know the time: the sweat has just become a part of you, you wander the streets with friends, drink cheap beer, and talk about goals and dreams beyond the immediate, poignant moment.

- photo by Parker Stewart
Says Hines:

"Stray Dogs is a collection of songs that I've recorded over the years living in Georgia and North Carolina. They are an extension of my experiences and commentary on places, drunken nights, my friends and the people I've let in to my personal life. I hope you can find some similarities in your own life and that these songs provide some form of solace."

The Furious Hooves redux is pressed on smoky-haze cassette and comes with a deluxe five-panel j-card, complete with lyrics and extended artwork from illustrator Ham B. Smith. The cassette includes an unreleased bonus song, “Whiskey-Water.” Each of the limited 125 releases is hand numbered and hand stamped; you can pre-order it here.