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GLOVE, Twisty Cats, Too Much @El-Rocko Lounge
Twisty Cats

TAMPA'S GLOVE makes their El-Rocko debut this weekend. Featuring members of favorite Florida bands including Veiny Hands and Plastic Pinks, the foursome released their first recorded track, "Pleasure Intellect," in early October. With a driving bassline and hooky synth line, the song offers kiss-off garage-punk grit with a beating synth-pop heart.

Savannah duo Twisty Cats recently returned from a string of shows in New York City; they’re currently working toward the release of their first album.

El-Rocko frequenters Too Much shared four demo tracks on their Bandcamp last month. Their varied sounds weave together influences from 1990s indie rock, prog, and fuzzy garage rock.

Friday, October 27, 8 p.m., free, 21+