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Hawaiin Boi unveils video for "Varsity Cool"

After the success of their Record Store Day release, Furious Hoops, Savannah/Virginia label Furious Hooves still has more to offer from their '90s basketball-inspired compilation.

Hawaiin Boi (Adam Intrator of Triathalon) has released a scrumptiously lo-fi video for his Furious Hoops contribution, "Varsity Cool," featuring a few familiar faces.

Out there on the court, it's a team of Furious Hooves superstars and cohorts, including Chris Grimmett of DIP, John Zimmerman, drummer for Wet Socks, Alex Maddalena of HOST, and Ryan McCardle of Furious Hooves, stretchin' it out, alley-ooping, and making sure Hawaiin Boi himself is the MVP.

The video was shot and edited by Chad Chilton of Triathalon.

"We were all actually surprised how good Ryan is at basketball," Intrator reflects of their court antics. "It kind of makes sense why someone would want to make a whole record about it. That's like me making a record about crab legs. Because I freaking love crab legs. Wait actually: that would be sick."

To McCardle's knowledge, all local copies of Furious Hoops were snatched up on Record Store Day thanks to plenty of hype, including coverage from Rolling Stone; you can stream the album, which features tracks by Blackrune, Heavy Boots, Sauna Heat, members of Mac DeMarco, Wild Nothing, and more, below.