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Jeff Two-Names & The Born Agains, The Toxic Shock, Between Symmetries, Sunglow @Hang Fire Bar

WITH self-aware snark and huge power chords, Savannah’s band of (50%) punk dads are celebrating the release of their first LP. Hashtag Dad Band is a round-up of all the Jeff Two-Names songs that show attendees have heard over the last few years.

From the declarative “You Don’t Know Rock & Roll!” to the handy guide “You Gotta Read Books (If You’re A Punk Rocker)” to continuous digs at the band’s bass player (“Petee Doesn’t Own A Ramones T-Shirt”), it all feels like one big inside joke...or, better yet, a joke told by the dad who just can’t stop ragging on you. The sound is rippin’ loud, snotty, timeless punk rock, and it’s going to get stuck in your head.

“We’ve become much better at writing songs about ourselves,” explains guitarist/vocalist Jeff Storey-Pitts (Jeff Two-Names). “We try to write songs people can relate to about how we’re the best band in the world!”

In all seriousness—something not often found in the self-declared “Dad Band”—Storey-Pitts assures that all the bravado backing their four-chord punk rock is all in good fun.

“I would say you can simplify it for them,” he offers. “Have you ever seen a band play a one-fret, one-string guitar solo that melts their face?”

Well? Have you?

Friday’s show also marks the official induction of new Two-Names’ “auxiliary lead guitarist” “Michael Doctor MD” Lewis; he’s played Halloween cover band night and a couple smaller shows with the band, but the Hashtag Dad Band release night is his big debut.

Savannah punks The Toxic Shock and rock four-piece Between Symmetries will open, with Sunglow rounding out the evening with a good ol’ fashioned dance party (take your Aleve and get on the floor, dads).

Friday, December 4, 10 p.m., free