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Lobo Marino, Oh Ma! @The Sentient Bean

Richmond, Va., duo Lobo Marino are back at The Bean to soothe Savannah’s ears once again through their meditative, hooky tunes.

With intertwined vocals, Laney Sullivan and Jameson Price combine tribal influences, Appalachian textures, drone circularity and pop structures to create a sound that’s entirely their own. Percussive, melodious, and trance-like, there’s an unrivaled tranquility that’s summoned from harmonium bellows and bass drum skin while Lobo Marino plays.

Oh Ma! is the latest venture from Melissa Hagerty and Tyler Cutitta of Omingnome and YonahBug, featuring loops, autoharp, guitar, theremin, and drums. Known for sonic experimentations, psych-folk musings, and mystic crystal revelations, Hagerty and Cutitta’s new project will certainly be one to watch. Make sure to catch ‘em now, as the Bean show serves as the duo’s tour kickoff. Oh Ma! will be hitting the road with Permajam, a music-infused permaculture collective; during their trip, the group will visit permaculture communities along the East Coast.

Wednesday, January 20, 8 p.m., $5, all-ages