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MeteorEYES at Ampersand

At 10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 29. 21+.

Sarasota, Florida besties David Curran and Shannon Fortner (drums and vocals, respectively) started this ‘80s-style synth-pop dance band six years ago; Mike Murphy is the synthesizer guy, George Bikos (he of the flaming red Brylcreem Mohawk) plays guitar, and the bassist is Steffan McManus.

Fare the Gap opens. Savannah’s Ryan and Rebekah have been hard at work on a new recording, under the engineering and production sway of Peter Mavrogeorgis, at Dollhouse Studios. Electronic composer Sunglow (aka Crazy Bag Lady drummer Daniel Lynch) is on the bill too.

This is the “official” after party for Savannah’s first Midsummer Night Sueno Fashion Show, in Forsyth Park.