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Midtown Pickers Summer Nights Party & coffee.deli

HEAD to Habersham Village to enjoy an array of local musicians for a good cause. At the second annual Summer Nights Party, hosted by the Midtown Pickers, you’ll find Wednesday jam night regulars doing some weekend pickin’ and grinnin’ to benefit Hospice Savannah, Inc.

Musicians will peform in Bar.Food and Coffee.Deli. Look forward to sets by Kenny Warman, Ricky Stokes, Dave Westbrook and Bob Duncan, Phil Coleman and Mark Maxwell, The Song Bandits, Tom Cooler, Bob Fulton, Dan Cooper, Chris Desa, Jackson Morgan, Jan Spillane, Skip Jennings, Tommy Holland, and many more. As the evening comes to a close, the talented players will unite for a jam.

All proceeds from the event will directly support Hospice Savannah’s mission.

Saturday, June 10, 7 p.m., all-ages