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Modrag @The Jinx

AUSTIN guitarist Ronnie Davy is very, very fond of reverb; the sounds coming from his greasy garage are hazy and shimmery, with both the guitars and vocals drenched in the stuff.

Modrag, which also includes Cliff Real and Tom Hartman on bass and drums, is trippy while still rooted to the three-chord bash that is rock ‘n’ roll, a vintage “Pink Floyd meets the Kinks” sound.

They’re not afraid to be funny, either—the band’s first project (really an all-Davy solo recording) was addressed to the guitarist’s beloved Austin and titled Take it Back From Hipster Scum. Check out The Salamagundi Split, a 7-inch slab o’vinyl with Modrag and Chalk, at Wet Socks opens this one, too.

At 10 p.m. Saturday, Aug, 16. $6.