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Nate Hall, Dead Oak @The Jinx
Nate Hall, Dead Oak @The Jinx

North Carolina’s Nate Hall may be best known for his time in psychedelic rock band U.S. Christmas (USX), but the shaggy-maned frontman is a force of his own as a singer-songwriter. The self-proclaimed "anti-hippie hippie" brings his solo show to The Jinx on Thursday.

Recorded live in a single day, Hall’s 2014 LP Fear of Falling, tracked with backing band Poison Snake, boasts psyched-out blues riffs that tremor through stoned-out, splashy drums. It’s rare to encounter such an explosive vocalist as Hall: with the sheer magnitude and force of Robert Plant, Hall tears through his guitar grit and pierces quieter moments. This may be a digression from U.S. Christmas, but Hall’s roots show through: there’s a sludge-drip languidness to his guitar meanderings and a hard-beating Appalachian heart that will be right at home here in the Lowcountry. His doomy approach to country, littered in ominous, sinister, jangly percussion, looming bass tones, and ‘70s rock massiveness is part Neil Young, part King Dude, part Physical Graffiti.

To call Hall a jack-of-all-trades feels cheap; in addition to his do-or-die musicianship, the man’s an incredible poet and painter of naturalistic, spiritual-inspired canvases.

Savannah’s Dead Oak opens the show.

Thursday, January 28, 10 p.m., $6