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Niche, Caustic Casanova, Wax Ligature @The Jinx

An early signee to Kylesa’s Retro Futurist Records, Caustic Casanova is pushing genre and style in some of the most original ways we’ve seen in 2015. Blending space rock reverberation and echo with post-punk attack and a dismantle-it-all-and-solder-it-back mentality, their September release, Breaks, is a fascinating listen.

Retro Futurist is truly a diverse roster—Burnt Books is a downright incendiary take on artful hardcore, Niche a ‘70s-influenced force of rock ‘n’ roll, Crazy Bag Lady a punk band laden with infectious hooks. If anything, you know it’s a Retro Futurist band if it packs a punch that hits you right in the gut, that has some kind of true, feral fury in it.

That’s where Caustic Casanova comes in. If you like gutsy, raw stuff and music that can’t fit nicely in a tiny little box of genre, you’ll want to be at this show.

Niche headlines; check out opener Wax Ligature, a new Savannah band.

Friday, December 11, 9 p.m.