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Northbound, Lost Boy, Kinder Than Wolves, Kennedy Curse, Snow Fort @Sulfur Studios

Coastal Rock Productions presents a stacked bill at Sulfur Studios on Sunday night.

Boca Raton, Florida’s Northbound is led by Jonathan Fraser, a musician who cut his teeth on DIY punk and hardcore. Fraser began making tunes under the name Northbound four years ago; the project now fluctuates between solo endeavor and a full four-piece band. Fraser plays solo at Sulfur.

“It’s important for people to know that Northbound is neither a solo act, or a band,” the band leader has said. “It’s a unit. It’s my vision, but it wouldn’t exist without the efforts of many people.”

The sound is steeped deeply in emo with memorable hooks and sweet, poignant imagery.

“I still want to watch Twin Peaks and nap all day and kiss the curve in your clavicle,” Fraser pleads on single “Lucky Sentimental,” the leading track from 2015’s Death of A Slug.

Though Northbound’s full band recordings are blistering things with speedy tempos and fully-cranked electric guitars, the structures and lyrics stand strong to make an unplugged affair a memorable one.

Orlando-based Kinder Than Wolves makes delicately atmospheric, ambient indie rock helmed by Paige Coley’s dream-haze vocals.

Lost Boy, hailing from Augusta, has played several Coastal Rock Productions shows and are a nice fit on the bill with their emo-indie influences.

Savannah emocore outfit Kennedy Curse toughens things up, with emo/indie band Snow Fort rounding out the bill.

Sunday, July 17, 6:30 p.m., $8 advance via, $10 at the door, all-ages