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Obamabot Album Launch @Sulfur Studios

LOCAL electronic artist Obamabo releases his very first full-length album, Obamabot, this weekend.

Many recognize Oisin Daly from local psych/funk band XuluProphet or his dub/reggae project Colonial FX, but Obamabo takes up the glitchy side of Daly’s brain.

As Obamabo, Daly’s collaborated with many local musicians, producing poet/rapper Valore’s EP Lizard Girl and remixing tracks for rapper Miggs Son Daddy and rock band Street Clothes.

Daly named his project after an obscure reference from The Simpsons long before President Obama was in the Oval Office (as luck would have it, name’s worked in his favor through Google, particularly when the Obama’s christened their pet ‘Bo’).

The Ireland transplant’s first LP as Obamabo is a meeting of the digital and tactile, featuring live guitars and electronic sounds united to create a one-of-a-kind groove. The release party will also feature Instrumental Aje, an audio-visual installation by SSWIII and Vinay Arora, and an appearance by dance/flow crew The Stardust Pixxies. Attendees get a download code for the album at the door, and Daly will be hustling a limited edition run of twenty cassettes and additional merchandise inside.

Sunday, May 22, 7 p.m., $7, all-ages