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Pre-Game for Savannah Stopover with King Tuff, Ex Hex
King Tuff

IT'LL BE throwback garage heaven at Hang Fire on Tuesday January 20. Savannah Stopover Festival just announced a pre-game concert with King Tuff and Ex Hex.

Ex Hex
Ex Hex

Since their Stopover performance (also at Hang Fire), Ex Hex, helmed by Helium’s Mary Timony, released Rips—a searing and wicked-fun debut LP with punky, jangle-reverb riffs and infectious pop melodies—to critical acclaim.

King Tuff makes contagiously fun garage rock raised on ‘70s glam and smacking of self-aware wit. Playfully manic and psychedelic, King Tuff (nom de rock of Kyle Thomas) released his fifth studio album, Black Moon Spell, on Sub Pop this year.

Tickets are available now via Ticketfly.