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Quinn Cicala, Wilt, Beneath Trees @The Sentient Bean

SAID it before, will say it again: it’s such a treat to see The Sentient Bean rising as a leading host of all-ages venue shows in Savannah. In past years the beloved park-side coffee shop has been a haven for singer-songwriters and Americana/folk-influenced stuff, but lately we’ve been seeing a real variety of bands crop up on the tiny corner stage (take last week’s garage/punk/rock lineup of What Moon Things, Wet Socks, and Dirty Dishes, a show that certainly would have taken place at Hang Fire if its doors were still open). Saturday’s bill keeps the folk tradition going while ushering in the new with drums and a healthy serving of distortion.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s Quinn Cicala composes memorable folk-punk that’s charmed Savannah before; this time, he’s back with a full band to round out the sound.

Wilt is a two-piece comprised of songwriter Marissa Pickett and drummer Alex Greenberg of The Anxiety Junkies, Forced Entry, and a whole slew of bands in the Savannah area. Together, they create a dreamy kind of folk-inspired song.

If you haven’t caught Beneath Trees before, get on down there for some super-fun dirty blues-rock.

Saturday, April 9, 8 p.m., donations encouraged, all-ages