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Rachel Kate @Hang Fire

With the Lovely Locks and Calamity Cubes, at 10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 23.

RACHEL KATE Gillon describes herself as “a rainbow circus ninja dream catcher soul kite flying smiling river flower and a lover of all things people, music, and arts.” And if you know her, or have seen her perform—as a solo artist or with her now-defunct rock ‘n’ roll band, The Shaniqua Brown—you’re already thinking “Yep, that’s as good a description as any.” The Nashville native makes music that eludes easy categorization, but is easy to love.

“Who doesn’t want to jump around in a tutu, and roll around in their own spit, and wail at the top of their lungs?” Gillon says about those wacky Charleston-based band days. “That’s the best time. But I was thinking maybe I wanted to try something else.”

Something else turned out to be Rachel Kate With Love and Hate, a set of highly personal songs that straddle the fence between dark folk, alt/country, pop and blues (and there we go with the genre/label thing again). She is a powerhouse vocalist and, most definitely, a unique individual.

“I’m really, really proud of it,” she says about Love and Hate. “Especially for it being my first endeavor into something that’s mine. It’s scary and it’s exciting.”