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Rock 'N' Roll Marathon Band Schedule
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W. Bay Street at Lathrop (Great Dane Trailers): Savannah Pipes & Drums (Folk Music) 7:35AM-8:45AM

W Bay Street at Jenks: Johnny Octane (Roots Rock) 7:35AM-9:00AM

Augusta & Lathrop: Xuluprophet (Reggae Rock) 7:45AM-9:20AM

Louisville & Magazine: Gary Strickland (Jazz/Rock/Zydeco) 7:45AM-9:25AM

Gwinnett east of Stiles: The Georgia Fire Band (50s/60s/70s/80s) 7:50AM-9:40AM

Pulaski Square: Hazel (70s/80s/90s Rock) 7:50AM-9:55AM

SELFIE Stage Montgomery & Gaston (Hollingworth Auto Service): Pirates Realm (Sea Shanties) 7:55AM 10:10AM

Lafayette Square: American Hologram (Indie Folk Rock) 7:55AM-10:10AM

Oglethorpe & Habersham: Coletrane Williams (Acoustic Music) 8:05AM-10:55AM

Oglethorpe & Jefferson: Naytiv (Alt. Rock) 8:05AM-10:45AM

Broad & Huntingdon St: Prince Hall Mason J. Alan Brown Band (Classic Rock/Country) 8:10AM-11:10AM

Henry & Waters: Everchange Classic Rock 8:15AM-11:25AM

Henry & Skidaway: The Irritating Julie Band (Rock) The Savannah River Band (Country/Southern Rock) 8:20 AM-Noon

Pierpont Circle & Atkinson: Sassy Cats (Oldies) Tom Cooler & The Big Chill (Rock) 8:25AM-11:50AM

Bee and Anderson: IncrediBlues (Variety/Blues/Oldies) TGLive Band (R&B/Funk) 8:25AM-3PM

Truman Pkway, Victory Overpass to 52nd Street Bridge: First City Events (Top 40) 8:35AM-2:45PM

Truman Pkway, Delesseps Exit: Moss City Groove (Variety/Pop) JD Music Group (Soul/Funk) 8:40AM-2:30PM

Reuben Clark Drive & 65th St: Mr. Grumblefish (Rock) 90 Proof (Rock) 8:45AM-1:55AM

DeRenne & Skidaway: Main Street (Classic Rock) Cory Chambers Jazz Band (Jazz) 8:50AM-1:30PM

Savannah State University (in front of stadium): SSU Tiger Band (Marching Band) 8:55AM-1:15PM

Savannah State University (Tompkins & College St): The Wave Slaves (Surf Rock) Dirk Quinn Band (Funk/Jazz) 9AM-1:05PM

Washington & Cedar (Daffin Park): Deep End (R&B/Jazz) Perpetual Care (Outlaw Indie Rock) 9:25AM-2:15PM

Anderson & Paulsen: evenpete (Rock) Pullman Standard (Alt Rock) 8:30AM-3:15PM

Anderson & Drayton: Wood & Steel (Rock) Stee & the Ear Candy Band (R&B/Top 40) 8:30AM-3PM