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Steady Flow, Tenth Mountain Division @Barrelhouse South

WHEN HE was 18 years old, soul guitarist Tanner Brown and his older brother, Ky, formed Steady Flow, a powerful funk outfit from Peroria, Illinois. Encouraging their audiences to "fight the pain with a bottle of funk," the group’s wild live show has earned them packed houses around the U.S. Fueled by a pasion for the greats like James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic, D’angelo, and The Meters, Steady Flow released a fresh yet timeless new record, Do You Like That? In April.

They’re joined by Colorado’s own Tenth Mountain Division. Tenth Mountain Division began as an acoustic bluegrass band and has evolved into a celebration of American musical tradition. Rock, jazz, bluegrass, and prog merge for a sound that celebrates an equal love for the traditionalists like Tim O’Brien and heavy hitters like Black Sabbath.

Tenth Mountain Division band released a debut album, Cracks in the Sky, in March 2016. With bass, drums, mandolin, guitar, keyboard, and vocal harmonies, the five-piece will be a hit with Barrelhouse’s eclectic musical crowd.

Saturday, October 14, 10 p.m., free, 21+