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The Fuzzlers, The Gumps, LINDA, Tommy Techno @Sulfur Studios

NO LEANING against the wall, no slow-panning the audience, no thumb-twiddling on the sidelines, no phone-staring, no tile-counting: Saturday at Sulfur Studios will blur the line between audience and entertainer with a rowdy evening of crowd-interactive, bizarre fun.

Athens “foam core” punks The Fuzzlers throw a show that’s rooted in absurdity, props, and elaborate mad scientist-style costuming. Conga lines? Sure. Showers of silly string? Yeah. It’s avant-garde, goofy hardcore with surf elements and garage slop, resulting in a performance that’s punk as heck and ridiculous as all get-out.

LINDA, also from Athens, plays melodic, upbeat punk with bare-it-all lyrics exploring isolation, beer and cigarette-fueled nights, heartbreak, and trying to keep it all together while trying to figure it all out.

SAV’s The Gumps add a twist to their set: a sing-a-long! Brush up on those lyrics and get ready to belt in unison. Savannah’s Tommy Techno breaks out the retro-rave; prepare to dance, sing, and slime it up all night long.

Saturday, July 16, 8 p.m., $5, all-ages