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Triathalon, Breakers, Sunglow @The Jinx

Free show at The Jinx? Hell, yes!

Triathalon vocalist/guitarist Adam Intrator recently relocated to New York, but the move isn’t slowing things down for the Savannah-based band. Thursday’s show acts as a tour kickoff—they’re taking their weirdo/surf/R&B/pop around the Bible Belt, over to Middle America, up the East Coast, and back on down to Charleston over the course of a month.

Breakers, y’all! Swanky, broody rock ‘n’ roll. Sunglow’s Daniel Lynch had a rough start to 2016—an accident that totaled his van and an incident that fried his entire setup and destroyed all the music the electronic artist needs to record and perform live. The community poured support into a GoFundMe account created by Lynch’s sister, and he’s back at it: expect a new record, Great Time of Day, some B-side releases, as well as a brand-new live setup.

A free, all-local show is a rarity at The Jinx. And what do we do when there is no cover? We buy merch and support the bands (it’s spring—you need a new tee to cut the sleeves off of anyway). And we always, always tip our bartenders.

Thursday, April 7, 9 p.m., free, 21+