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Waits & Co., The Pine Box Boys, Cold Heart Canyon @The Jinx
Cold Heart Canyon

LOCAL fellers Waits & Co. are joined by Atlanta brethren Cold Heart Canyon and the beloved Pine Box Boys for a night of Southern songwriting, haunting ballads, and country charm.

Jon Waits, John Pizzichemi, and Markus Kuhlmann fill out their trademark Americana sound and honest storytelling with some oomph from in-demand drummer Ira Miller.

Atlanta’s Cold Heart Canyon recently teased a single from their EP Wolves, Demons, & Drunks, coming August 4. Vocalist Rachael Petit tears into the first verse of “Go Crazy, Insane” with exhilarating fervor. Her voice has a lovely kind of dark melodicism to it that dips into cool falsettos and low, moody roars. With macabre imagery, cameos from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and a contagiously hooky chorus, the single’s a sure sign that Cold Heart Canyon’s destined for big things in the national Americana/alt-country scene.

If you dig murder ballads, throaty vocals, plenty of twang, and quick-pickin’, make sure to catch The Pine Box Boys. Though their horrorbilly sound, bluegrass influences, and Southern Gothic themes are a natural fit ‘round these parts, the fearsome foursome hail from the West Coast. They released their fifth album, The Feast of Three Arms, in April 2016.

Friday, July 15, 10 p.m., $5, 21+