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Zulu Wave @Hang Fire

THIS muscular Tampa Bay band’s music reminds me of Synchronicity-era Police – punchy rock-trio stuff ladled over with tasteful synthesizer. In some ways, it’s very ‘80s —Zimbabwe-born singer and guitarist Michael Barrow is earnest and impassioned, like Boy-era Bono singing along with Tears For Fears—but on tracks like “Skataful Lies” (from the Nyami Nyami full-length) the band turns into a ferocious neo-prog monster!

My favorite quote comes from an interview Barrow did with a Pensacola weekly: “We all work day jobs in order to make this happen. If we were treating this like a hobby we might as well play Jimmy Buffett covers for extra cash. Some day we hope to quit our day jobs and have swimming pools full of Kool-Aid. But we aren’t there yet.”

With opening sets from Savannah punk band Wet Socks, and the local duo Fare the Gap.

At 10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 15.