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Jupiter Coyote

For well over a decade, this beloved Southern jam band has flirted with mainstream success, and although their steadfast refusal to play corporate ball has left them the least known best band in their genre, it hasn’t prevented them from racking up legions of fans who appreciate the fact that they can play the same song for 25 minutes if they feel like it, and more often than not it never gets boring.

Their early work with noted producer Johnny Sandlin brought understandable comparisons to The Allman Brothers, but the group has evolved. Unlike the most pedestrian jam bands, JC work hard at crafting memorable tunes that function just as well as 3-minute ditties.

The band has strong ties to Savannah, as some members hail from here, and in their formative late ‘80s days as the Macon-based cover band The Rockafellas they were a top draw at the long gone Congress Street Station (currently the site of Ibiza Nightlife). Now, they’re playing a free all-ages show a block down the road from their old haunt, and it should go over like gangbusters. After the band stops at midnight, founding members Matt Mayes and John Felty move inside Malone’s to finish with a three-hour acoustic duo set. Fri., 9 pm, City Market Courtyard.

Mountain Heart

The last time these guys played locally, The Mighty 8th Air Force Museum was packed with folks from 8 to 80, and most all of them sat there with dropped jaws, soaking up some of the most impressive picking and singing you’d ever hear. Now they’re back to play a very cozy show at a 100-seat venue, and though the ticket price is a mite steep, trust me when I say it’s worth every penny to see artists like this up close.

How good are they? Well, they took home The International Bluegrass Music Association’s Emerging Artist of The Year award before their debut album had even been released. They regularly win standing ovations at The Grand Ole Opry, and were signed to a deal by no less than Ricky Skaggs.

So what are you waiting for? Call 748-1930 and see if Randy’s got any tickets left. Thurs., 7:30 pm, Randy Woods’ Concert Hall (Bloomingdale).

Orange Goblin, et al

Britain’s Orange Goblin take their cues from pioneering heavy metal and

space-rock bands like Black Sabbath, Mountain and Pink Floyd. – cranking the amps up just a wee bit louder and deconstructing the riffs and lyrical conceits till they bludgeon the listener with a minimalist brain hammer. They tour the U.S. infrequently and are a sight to behold.

Embracing clichés like headbanging, synchronized handclaps and using Lemmy as a fashion icon, they’re the closest anyone in this town are going to get to Uriah Heep or Hawkwind, and that’s saying a lot. They’ve toured with more famous fans such as Monster Magnet, Queens Of The Stone Age, Danzig and Dio, and now’s your chance to catch them up close and personal as headliners of a marathon show including the following:

Cream Abdul Babar has been a regular presence on the Savannah club scene for years due to their relationship with Damad and later Kylesa. Hailing from Tallahassee, they could be described as a brutal and frenetic cross between modern hardcore and technical metal. Plus, in addition to their pithy name, they boast a trombonist.

Nashville thrash band Asschapel has been compared to other crust-metal acts like Antisect, Tragedy and From Ashes Rise. Lyrically, they operate in a sword-and-sorcery vein (when you can make out the guttural, throat shredding vocals. Expect plenty of 90-second songs that come on like bursts of gunfire.

Finally, Lamont plays rough and dirty truck-stop rock they call Thunder Boogie. They sound like a four-car pileup between The Supersuckers, The Rev. Horton Heat, Jucifer and a truckload of busted mufflers on their way to the junkyard. The band brags about their “tight interplay and loose playing” and I couldn’t describe their impressively sloppy noise rock any better, so I won’t try. Tues., 9 pm (doors at 8 pm), The Jinx.

DJ Rap

I know it probably didn’t take too awfully long to come up with her handle, but don’t let that fool you. Charissa Saverio is regarded by many as The Queen of Hardcore Drum & Bass. As one of the most influential female turntablists in the world, this British sensation has helped shape the mood and popularity of dance music for the past 8 years.

This bewitching beauty of Italian-Irish-Malaysian descent is also known for her work “in the Jungle groove,” as JB would say. A diverse talent, she also produces records and owns her own label.

These days, Aprés is bringing A-List DJ talent to town with an increasing degree of regularity, and it seems they’ll continue as long as enough demand exists. Sat., Aprés Nightclub (above Il Pasticcio). w