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Friends of Klezmer

Klezmer is one of the most difficult genres of music to describe in simple terms, but it’s also one of the most infectious and joyful types you will find.

A crazy, mixed-up pastiche of exuberant, danceable rhythms, off-kilter tonalities, and old Yiddish theatrical postures from the early 20th Century, klezmer is thought by many to be little more than traditional Jewish folk music – which explains this South Carolina group’s free appearance at the our 16th Annual Jewish Food Festival – but in fact, most modern-day klezmorim incorporate all sorts of influences, including those from Greece and the Balkans.

Klezmer swings relentlessly, so it was no surprise that immigrant musicians well-versed in traditional Jewish folk often found their way into the early days of America’s jazz scene. And, the fact that the genre has proven more malleable and accepting than most ethnic folk music has allowed contemporary acts to incorporate electric gear and drumsets into what used to be strictly acoustic string bands (with the odd brass or woodwinds).

This sextet boasts internationally-known composer and keyboardist Meira Warshauer, bassist Jay King, William Campbell (who plays the taragato – a Hungarian sax/clarinet hybrid), guitarist Sam Baker, violinist Irene Jablon, and percussionist Paul Tinsdale.

Those who are unfamiliar with this rousing style of celebratory music should take this opportunity to dig on it big time. Klezmer rules. Sun., 12:15 pm & 2:45 pm, Forsyth Park’s North side.

Mars ILL

How odd that The Jinx would bring to town one of the most promising underground hip-hop duos, and yet, here they are. MC Soulheir the manCHILD and DJ Dust (otherwise known as Atlantans Greg Owens and Nate Correna) make thoughtful, positive cutting-edge hip-hop that many liken to both Talib Kweli and The Black Eyed Peas.

Toby McKeehan (tobyMAC) of superstar Jesus freaks dcTalk signed them to his cutting-edge Christian rock, pop and hip-hop label Gotee Records, which is positioning this duo as the pre-eminent salvation-rappers around. That shouldn’t be too awfully hard, as their lyrical skills are heads and tails beyond the excretory born-again rap that makes up most of that growing genre.

Alert listeners should also pick up on snatches of ambient textures and ‘60s psychedelia in this buzzworthy duo’s cluttered soundscapes. Tues., The Jinx.