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Acoustic Singer/Songwriter Showcase

This month’s revue (hosted by local participant Lauren Lapointe) features: Va.-based artist Jess Pillmore (touring behind her new CD); local old-time musicologist Joe Nelson (playing against type by performing contemporary tunes); and the “deeply honest lyrics” of Fl.’s Jonah Sage. Thurs., 7:30 pm, The Sentient Bean Coffeehouse.

Joey Allcorn & The Hillbilly Band

When a guy in his early ‘20s wears Webb Pierce duds, publicly bemoans the proliferation of “candy-ass pop music” and gives his albums titles like 50 Years Too Late, you know where he’s coming from.

This retro country cat plays up his outlaw image with lazy drawls, baritone vocals, sleepy rhythms and undertaker duds it looks like he swiped from Luke The Drifter. He and his bandmates channel the attitude of old-school punk into the format of vintage C & W. Their high-test, approach is obviously heartfelt, but still delivered with a bit of a punk snarl (which no doubt comes from Allcorn’s long-standing love of such antagonistic underground groups as The Misfits). His tunes are about murder, cheating, drinking and jail, in no particular order. With Dark Light Mafia and Henry Conley. Sat., 10 pm, The Jinx.  

Eat Mo’ Music

Savannah’s only soul-jazz quintet breaks in a new drummer with 2 nights of funky, groove and wah pedal-oriented instrumentals. Fri. - Sat., 9:30 pm, Il Pasticcio.  

The Jimmy Wolling Band

While this local group of seasoned bluegrass and country pickers (led by banjo prodigy Wolling) can knuckle down and play some pretty mean traditional ‘grass if they felt like it, most of the time they just don’t seem to feel like it.

Essentially a group of longtime friends who gig when Wolling’s  in town (and off the road from his steady job touring with the well-known, purist Lonesome Whistle Band), they’re more apt to launch into some extended, rock-tinged jams that have been known to include hypnotic, syncopated riffing that will keep even the most ardent Deadhead entertained without resorting to meandering pandering.

They call this style “hellgrass,” but to those with a hankerin’ for old-fashioned, feel good string music, it’s a slice of heaven. Sat., 7 pm, North Beach Grill (Tybee).  ***

Lalo CD Release Party

Savannah native Laura Friedman (aka Lalo) made a name for herself during her high school years as a standout vibraphonist, and ultimately parlayed that into a none-too shabby career on the notoriously tough New York jazz scene. Since relocating to the Big Apple, she’s won critical raves for her refusal to adhere to the stodgy status quo of her instrument — preferring instead to electrify her vibes, and soak up influences from outside the confines of the jazz and classical worlds.

In her session work and live gigs with a variety of players (up-and-coming and established alike) she’s chosen her own path, or as JazzWeek Magazine says, to show a “willingness to think outside the box.” Whenever she returns home for an infrequent recital, there’s usually a great turnout of family and friends. But don’t let that dissuade strangers from showing up to catch this mesmerizing talent when she celebrates the release of her brand-new CD Half Moon. For this ALL-AGES gig (sponsored by the Coastal Jazz Association), she’ll be backed by drummer Quentin Baxter and bassist Kevin Hamilton. Tickets are $10, or free for CJA members. Sun., 5 pm, Cobblestone Conch House. 

The Near Misses

This all-female quintet from Charlotte, N.C. has a standing weekly gig at the Evening Muse (that town’s premiere acoustic singer/songwriter venue), and are said to put on a spectacular live show. Their repertoire draws on roots-rock, pop, contemporary folk, country and jazz for inspiration. Named the Best New Band in Charlotte by Creative Loafing, they boast 4 and even 5-part vocal harmonies (!), and all play instruments as well. Based on their latest demo, this has the potential to be a spectacular, uplifting show. Sat., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean Coffeehouse.

I Cantori’s Anniversary

Founder and director Dr. Robert Harris says there’s no better way for his choral group to celebrate 15 years together than to perform the music of noted Jewish composer Bonia Shur at the downtown synagogue which has held many of this ensemble’s highest-profile concerts in the past. Maestro Shur has provided I Cantori with a new debut work, Shalom, and will attend the concert in person. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students at the door. For more info, call 925-7866. Sun., 3 pm, Temple Mickve Israel.