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Tiger! Tiger!

It’s the third time this immensely entertaining Atlanta band has brought their quirky, angular punk and new wave-inspired rock to Savannah, and they are continuing to evolve into one of the most refreshing and unpretentious acts of this caliber in their hometown.

Ostensibly a “garage band” (for whatever that phrase is worth in the year 2006), Tiger! Tiger! – not to be confused with the Native American group of the same name (without exclamation marks) – boasts an impressive pedigree. Their sultry and captivating rhythm guitarist and leader Buffi Aguero is well-known internationally for her role as the drummer in underground sensations The Subsonics, as well as being a focal point of the spectacular (and sadly defunct) VU and Nico-inspired collective The White Lights. Joining her for this particular ride is White Lights keyboardist Sam Leyja (on vintage combo organ and synth), former Pineal Ventana guitarist and saxman Shane Pringle, and the brand-new rhythm section of Vendettas bassist ??? and drummer Mario Speedwagon.

This new and improved lineup adds a more muscular and uncompromising punch to the group’s retro rave-ups and bittersweet ballads. The squonky sax seems to intentionally bring to mind both early Roxy Music and the tongue-in-cheek NYC art stance of James White & The Blacks, while the jack-hammer guitar figures and single-note organ runs are straight outta the faux-naive Modern Lovers/Voidoids school. It’s hard to imagine anyone who appreciates the early CBGB’s scene (nascent Blondie, Television, Talking Heads, etc...) not enjoying this group. Locals Superhorse headline. Fri., 10 pm, The Jinx.

The Old Goat’s Party w/The Courtenay Brothers Band

For the past quarter century, this annual get-together at the German Country Club off Laroche Avenue has drawn crowds of more than a thousand and raised large amounts of money for charity (in this case, a kidney transplant for local Chris Barr). In the past, a variety of some of the better-known area pop, country and rock acts have entertained the members of the public who gather at this sprawling private enclave to enjoy food, libations and live entertainment.

Organizer Bob Sinclair says the rules are simple: check your egos at the door and have fun; bring your own bottles and coolers, but drink at your own risk; don’t bring children or immature adults; don’t drink and drive; and no pets after dark.

The CBB (feat. members of Hazzard County) will play country and Southern rock under a huge circus tent. Volunteers will serve oysters – and Spanky’s Southside provide chicken fingers, burgers and fries – “till they’re gone.”

Bob says they’ll party rain or shine, and cautions people to think twice about breaking his sensible policies. “Policemen will be on site checking IDs. We won’t allow underage drinking or rude behavior, so be nice, or be gone!” Tickets available at Spanky’s Southside, Mary’s Seafood & Steaks, and Sandfly’s Driftaway Café, or by calling 354-2929. Sat., 7 pm (live music at 9 pm), German Country Club (5150 Jasmine Ave.).


One of the local scene’s best chances for breakout success, this young, original rock group has quietly formed their own corporation, partnered with a manager, built their own recording studio, shot Hi-Def music videos, and seen their tunes used in network TV commercials and on the soundtracks of extreme sports DVDs. With a reggae-influenced sound that incorporates funk, hip-hop and soul. They say they’re “following in the footsteps of bands like The Police, The Clash, 311 and Sublime.” Though increasingly on the road, they still draw well when they play Savannah shows at this, their local venue of choice. Sat., 10 pm, Locos Deli & Pub.


Jeff & Vida

This fantastic New Orleans-based Americana act (known for their standing-room-only shows at American Legion Post #135) was on tour in Colorado when Katrina hit, but had already planned to relocate to Nashville for the betterment of their burgeoning career. In Music City since last September, they’ve been honing their already-excellent live show and woodshedding new material that’s more progressive in tone than the straight-up bluegrass and mountain music they’re known for across the USA and in the U.K..

This duo show will be only their 3rd concert since returning to the road, and mandolinist and banjo picker Jeff Burke says that while they love to “rock out” the Legion with their full-on trio (featuring stand-up bass in addition to Vida’s frenetic acoustic guitarwork), they’re hoping to give their existing fans a more intimate concert than they’re used to. This should also serve as a wonderful introduction to one of the most beguiling and promising roots-rock-meets-old-time outfits in the country. Fans of Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, Townes Van Zandt and Tom Russell will think they’ve died and gone to heaven. This gig gets my highest recommendation. Sun., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.