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Colin Spring, At The Spine

Double bill of the politically-minded songwriter Spring, who’s played with everyone from Richard Buckner and Ben Harper to The Offspring and Bobby Bare, Jr. (whew!), and ATS, whose sound some have compared to Built To Spill and Fugazi – a couple of the more vaunted names in indie-rock royalty – for their ability to throw down some serious electric noise, while going out of their way to make greater points about society at large and make suggestions on improving it. Wed., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.

The Rocky Horror Show Live

These will be SCAD’s Performing Arts Group’s final 2 performances of the cult classic rock opera by Richard O’Brien. While known best for the infamous 1975 film version The Rocky Horror Picture Show (which was a flop upon initial release, but went on to become one of the most successful midnight movies of all time), the original theatrical version – presented here in a re-tooled update crafted specifically for its Broadway revival a few years back – the play is a raunchy ode to young love, rock and roll, sexual experimentation, and America’s fixation on Cold War politics (as seen through the lens of allegorical sci-fi and horror movies of the ‘50s and ‘60s).

Response to this student production (complete with a live band and cabaret-style blocking that finds some of the show being played out in the crowd itself) has been overwhelmingly positive over the course of its previous 8 shows. While some may find it aggravating that the call-and-response audience participation that helped define the movie is encouraged in this live setting (helping to obscure many of the actors’ best lines and bits), it’s a small price to pay for a chance to see a true modern-day classic of the rock opera form in an intimate setting. Fri. - Sat., 8 pm, Mondanaro Theater (217 MLK, Jr. Blvd.) - tickets sold 1 hour before show).

GAM, BlackwÜrm

One of the most critically acclaimed and certainly most popular original rock bands ever to come from Savannah, GAM’s heyday ended years ago, but lately – after an extended absence – the group has reformed for the occasional live hometown gig. This lineup includes founding members Kevin F. Rose and Keith Kozel (both of Superhorse), as well as longtime bassist Mike Walker (of Bottles & Cans), and the newly-deputized drummer Josh Safer (of Ricardo Ochoa’s Jazz & Tango Kings). While they may lack some of the tightness and polish that characterized their time as a touring unit, their oversized, jackhammer psychedelia and eerie, freak-flag set pieces still have the capacity to enthrall and excite.

Safer, Walker and multi-instrumentalist Ochoa make up BlackwÜrm, a spacey, droning instrumental trio that flirts with the type of ecstatic grooves one used to find in the extended passages on live Deep Purple albums, or Helios Creed 7-inches. Sat., 10 pm, The Jinx.

Halloween Night Tribute Show

In the true spirit of this costumed night out on the town, several local musicians are getting all dolled up in the duds of their favorite bands and doing their best Fred Travalena. For one low price, you can see full sets of music written by (but not actually performed by) outlaw country semi-star David Allan Coe (as channelled by – who else – Whiskey Dick), the Ramones, The Dead Milkmen (now that I gotta see), Black Flag (courtesy of Savannah’s own pre-existing BF tribute, The 10 & 1/2), and The Misfits, who some might argue are their own tribute band these days... Mon., The Jinx.

Yancy & Breakneck Quartet

At long last, SCAD’s multi-culti influence is starting to pay off in the local music scene in ways previously unexpected. This up-and-coming organic 5-piece blends classic chanky R & B guitar lines and cool jazz grooves with no small amount of deft lyrical flow and inventive wordplay that’s rarely cliché and often surprisingly clever (think: The Roots). While well-known within the art college crowd, they’re deserving of wider recognition – specifically from Savannah’s relatively insular urban music community. Mon., Locos Deli & Pub.

Harp Benefit Concert

Ever seen someone just sit down right in front of you and play the harp? I mean, just by themselves? Few of us have. Either it’s in the context of some sort of formal reception, or with a small group of other musicians – maybe even a symphony.

Well, for this special event, two classically trained harpists (Jacksonville’s Kathryn Pearce and Savannah’s Kristin Gustafson) will appear along with traditional Irish singer/songwriter Pamela Bruner in a concert to benefit The Red Cross’ Hurricane Katrina Fund.

Additionally, this show marks the debut of the Savannah Harp Ensemble, which begs the question, “Have you ever seen a bunch of people sit down right in front of you and play the harp?” There is no set ticket price, but those in attendance are requested to donate as much as they wish. Thurs., November 3, 7 pm, Congregation Mickve Israel.