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Awesome Cool Dudes

Is this band joking, or serious? It seems they’re very serious about being a joke. With cheesy keyboard and drum machine-driven tunes filled with nasal vocals and triple-entendres, ACD’s albums sound like some cutting room floor outtake of Ween playing a prom scene in a straight-to-video Revenge Of The Nerds sequel. Sun., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.


Calling themselves “The originators of Ghetto Rock,” this Killeen, Tx. rap-metal hybrid fell off the same truck as Rage Against The Machine and Limp Bizkit, which means that you’ll either love ‘em or hate ‘em. To be sure, sound is rather formulaic (crunching guitar riffs over pounding drums, laced with aggressive, macho lyrics), but they do it about as well as anybody, and they’ve been embraced by Clear Channel (again, a line drawn in the sand for many listeners). New local moody alt.rockers Element Unseen open. Sat., 10 pm, Guitar Bar (348 MLK Jr., Blvd).   

The Fundamentals

This scaled-back version of the 13-piece R & B show band The Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love may not take up as much room on stage, but even with just drummer Bill Norton, saxman Craig Saxton, guitarist John Banks, vocalist Tim Love and bassist Phil McDonald, they still cast a mighty long shadow. With a setlist that ranges from Stax and Motown nuggets to more recent soul, pop and rock hits and misses, they’re a versatile party band with an undeniable groove that can only come from years of steady gigging with each other. Better yet, if you don’t mind braving the afternoon heat, this is a free, ALL-AGES show. Sun., noon, City Market Ctyd. 

The John Jorgenson Quintet

Profiled in last week’s issue, this world-famous guitarist is known to many as a founding member of both the chart-topping ‘80s country act The Desert Rose Band and instrumental rock cult sensations The Hellecasters. He recently made a hit bluegrass album of Van Halen tunes on which David Lee Roth supplied guest vocals, but of late, his heart lies in the newly reinvigorated world of gypsy jazz.

For this intimate show, he’ll pay tribute to the art form pioneered by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli, but up the ante on the genre, by incorporating traces of New Orleans funk into the mix. At press time only a handful of tickets remained unsold for this ALL-AGES gig, so call 748-1930 to charge one by phone if it’s not too late! Sun., 7 pm, Randy Wood’s Concert Hall (1304 E. Hwy 80, Bloomingdale). 


One of the absolute best bands to emerge from Charleston in over a decade, this loud, over-the-top power trio channels the teenage angst of The (pre-Who) High Numbers, The MC5, and early Cheap Trick into a distinctly Southern-fried mold, without resorting to shtick. With a guitarist/frontman who sings blue-eyed soul with a ferocity and familiarity that’s at odds with his tender youth, and a fat-bottomed rhythm section that finds their drummer playing a massive, custom-made kick drum for maximum oomph, these guys put on a fiery, old-fashioned rock show that has the potential to whip a crowd into a quite sincere frenzy. Catch ‘em know, as they’re on their way to better things. Opening for local garage-rock septet Superhorse. Sat., 10 pm, The Jinx. 

The Lenore Raphael Trio

This wonderful pianist was highly influenced by Clifford Powell’s bebop of the ‘40s and the ‘50s romanticism of the great Bill Evans, however, astute listeners will discern traces of the work of Oscar Peterson and Bud Powell in her playing as well. She enjoys heavy airplay on major jazz stations around the world, and tours nationwide. This 2-night stand at the area’s finest jazz venue finds her tracking a live album, so why not be part of history? Fri. - Sat., 7:30 pm, The Jazz Corner (Hilton Head). 

S.O.L. Essential

The return of one of Savannah’s only alternative hip-hop acts. The trio of rappers that make up Sounds Of Life Essential cut their teeth on the local spoken word scene, and found success with the art college crowd by partnering with The Breakneck Quartet for a series of live shows that mixed organic funk-rock with rap. With Breakneck relocated to Atlanta, they’re back on their own. This quirky double bill finds them paired with locals Hungry Nurses & DJ Teh, a low-fi electro-folk duo. Fri., 9 pm, Metro Coffee House (402 MLK Jr., Blvd) - ALL-AGES.  

TNT (AC/DC Tribute)

What more needs to be said? Either this band can pull off the near impossible and sound like the British rock giants, or not. Either way, it’s probably worth it just to show up and see if their singer’s throat pops out and falls on the floor. I wonder if a certain low-profile downtown resident will be lurking in the shadows for shits and giggles... Thurs., Wild Wing Café.