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The Bob Dylan Show

You’d have to go all the way back to the mid-’70s when ZZ Top toured the world on a stage carved in the shape of the Lone Star State to find a more Texas-o-centric bill as this one. Hot on the heels of his recent trip through our area with opening act Merle Haggard, The Bard’s back out on his (now regular) summertime jaunt through the nation’s Minor League ballparks, and this time he’s bringing some of the finest talent to ever call Texas their home. Dylan’s opening acts include: the late Stevie Ray Vaughan’s brother Jimmie Vaughan (a former member of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and in many folks’ opinion, a finer gunslinger than Stevie) and his band — featuring the great Austin vocalist Lou Ann Barton; guit-steel virtuoso Junior Brown, whose bizarre hybrid of surf, country, Hawaiian slide and blues guitarwork is as legendary as it is unique; and Elena James & The Continental Two, a new act led by The Hot Club of Cowtown’s former fiddle player (who briefly served in Dylan’s road band a few years ago).

Although Dylan’s notoriously unpredictable setlists have become rather staid in recent years, his first LP of new material comes out a couple of weeks after this date, and diehard fans are hoping he’ll give the crowds on this tour a sneak preview of his latest compositions. General Admission tickets to this ALL-AGES show are $48.50 through Ticketmaster at (706) 828-7700. Thurs., August 17th, 6:30 pm, Lake Olmstead Stadium (Augusta).

Eat Mo’ Music

After taking a bit of a summer vacation, Savannah’s only soul-jazz combo returns to the live arena. They’re known for laying down a wide variety of danceable instrumental grooves that range from their own unique interpretations of classic jazz standards to jazz-inflected arrangements of rock, soul and pop hits. If you tend to avoid live jazz because you find it stuffy, or simply hard to wrap your head around, this just might be the perfect group to help introduce you to this most engrossing art form. They’re all about the funk and having a good time. Fri., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar. 

The Fundamentals

This scaled-back version of the 13-piece R & B show band The Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love plays Stax and Motown nuggets as well as  more recent soul, pop and rock hits and misses. They’re a versatile party band with an undeniable groove that can only come from years of steady gigging with each other. Fri., 5 pm, Sorry Charlie’s.

The Never

“Epic Indie Rock” is a fairly apt description of the sound this Chapel Hill, N.C. music collective makes. It’s a strange blend of slacker drones, chamber pop and Beatle-esque psychedelia. They’re touring behind Antarctica, a concept album that’s actually packaged with a 50-page book of oil paintings done by one of the group’s guitarists. It’s a hell of an accomplishment, no matter which way you approach it. This show may be a bit outsized for The Bean, but the agrarian, ALL-AGES vibe may suit these brainy art-rockers quite well. With openers The Eavesdroppers. Mon., 7:30 pm, The Sentient Bean. 


Reactavox have been slugging it out in the trenches for many years, and for the past few, they’ve taken a nod from The White Stripes and stripped it all down to a drums and electric guitar duo. An unusual cross between vintage snotty punk rock and Seattle-style grunge-pop, they’re definitely worth seeking out. Local instrumental opener i am not a little bus plays extremely rarely, but their tricky, rat maze arrangements (influenced greatly by both extreme metal and math-y post-rock acts like Tortoise and Oxes) should prove a nice counterpoint to the headliner’s more straightforward fuzz. Sat., 10 pm, The Jinx.

Seven Gates To Elsewhere

This young, local psychedelic act is heavily influenced by British blues-rock from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. They claim to have been revamping their material to reflect a newfound interest in the spacey approach of modern experimental rock (and roll) bands such as Dungen and The Mars Volta. This show finds them showcasing this new approach. Fri., 10 pm, Savannah Blues. 

The Two Timin’ Three

This retro-rockabilly/country jazz trio formed a couple of years back in Brighton, Mass., of all places, but have since relocated to the music mecca of Austin, Tx. They do a great job of tackling postwar-era R & R, like you’d hear from cats such as Johnny Burnette, Tiny Grimes and Les Paul. This Irish pub is starting to book a slightly more eclectic roster of national acts, and this show marks a shift in that direction. Don’t miss it! Thurs., 10 pm, Murphy’s Law.