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Black Oaks Sav. Gathering

Billed as an event geared toward “Vampyres and the like-mined,” this Southern Noir get-together features local DJ Analog Kid spinning his usual brand of eerie dance music, along with live performances from touring Goth and Dark Electronica acts like Charlotte’s Anders Manga and PsiVamp (named Best Local Electronic Musician by readers of Atlanta’s Creative Loafing). In addition to these live acts, there will be body painting , a henna artist and rune readers available on-site, plus co-sponsors Seppuku Tattoo will be doling out plenty of door prizes. The dress code for this party includes Old South get-ups, Plantation fashions, Moss, etc..., and supposedly, if you’re not at  least wearing all black, you won’t be allowed in. Fri., 10 pm, Savannah Down Under Invasion Level 3. 

High Velocity

In the mood for a rock-solid bar band with a setlist as long as a pool cue? Check out this popular group of local musicians who have all paid their dues on the regional nightclub and street festival circuit for years. Initially tagged as a Southern rock party band (likely due to well-known guitarist Ray Thomasino’s stint in the now-defunct Bounty Hunter, which backed up Molly Hatchet frontman Danny Joe Brown for a stint), their repertoire has expanded to include all sorts of classic rock hits as well as modern-day country smashes — which of course sound more and more like modern rock than country anyway... Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Gilley’s (Hinesville). 

Indie Music For Life Benefit

All proceeds from this engaging acoustic revue help fund cancer research and music therapy for cancer patients. Local songwriters John Powers (“ and Lauren Lapointe join touring artists Leslie Berry and (organization founder) Vicki Blankenship. This will mark the 31st Indie Music For Life concert. It’s a witty, emotional and entertaining mix of folk, pop, Americana and Dixieland bluegrass. Tickets are $8 (or $5 for students). Sat., 7 pm, Oatland Island Educational Center.

Moonshine Still Unplugged

Purveyors of something they term “Macon Georgia Music,” this critically-acclaimed jam band should strike a chord with fans of The Dead, String Cheese Incident, Widespread Panic, and Savannah’s own Perpetual Groove, another up-and-coming national act they often share bills with. This special 2-night stand finds the newly-revamped group offering acoustic versions of their material. I’d get there early for the best view. Fri. - Sat., 10 pm, Locos Deli & Pub (Downtown).  

Mother Jackson

This is a great Athens, Ga. quartet that’s putting their own spin on hard-ass ‘70s-era rock & roll. Frontman Paul McHugh knows how to throw down some swampy, blues-influenced raunch, and lead axeman Richard Mikulka’s mom was in The VU, so it’s no surprise that he’s taken to noisy guitar solos. The group has gigged with The Drive-By Truckers and Southern Bitch, among others. Another stellar Athens roots-rock act, Sleepy Horses, opens the show. Fri., 10 pm, The Jinx.  

Mother’s Finest

This Atlanta-based funk powerhouse formed in the ‘70s, at a time when rock bands from the South simply weren’t black. Come to think of it, times haven’t changed much, have they? Either way, after making their mark with a baddass update of the old R & B nugget “(Doin’) Mickey’s Monkey,” they soldiered on despite lineup changes and label/radio apathy to create a massive following in Europe. At home, they’re still something of a regional sensation that plays live all too infrequently. Simply put, they can usually be counted on for a hellaciously impressive and fun show, despite their relative age and (incorrectly) assumed irrelevance on today’s scene. Thurs., Monkey Business (Hilton Head). 

Perelandra, Gumshoe, etc...

Not much info on this “annual gig” which pairs a couple of ultra-underground indie-rock acts from outside the area (N.C.’s Perelandra and Boston’s Lucia Lie) with like-minded locals Gumshoe, and their offshoot, Maybe Maybe Not. Dig Pavement, Mogwai or Weezer? Check out some fresh blood at one of the only ALL-AGES venues in town. Sat., 10 pm, Metro Coffee House (402 MLK, Jr. Blvd.).

Winter Sounds

While the atmosphere and sound at this upstart venue leave much to be desired, this Athens-based indie-rock act is worth a look-see. Alternately dreamy and chaotic, their influences (Modest Mouse, The Cure, Postal Service, Death Cab For Cutie) are worn proudly. With fresh blood of this caliber —and the above mentioned groups— the Classic City seems in the midst of yet another renaissance... Wed., August 23rd, Guitar Bar (428 MLK, Jr. Blvd.).