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Eat Mo’ Music

One of the more unique jazz combos in the area, this quintet leans heavily on the funky, jam-based grooves of the soul jazz movement of the ‘60s. While technical metal guitarist Bart Zipperer (formerly of well-known local rock cover bands Shut Up & Drive and The Six Million Dollar Band) seemed at first to be an odd addition to the band’s original lineup (which still includes trumpeter/band leader John Tisbert and bassist Doug Povie, among others), he’s proven to be a great asset — helping to move the band away from a Grant Green-style bag into some strange cross between Kenny Burrell and wah-pedal devotee Eric Clapton (during his time in Cream). If you dig your instrumental jazz with a backbeat you can dance to, this is the local act for you. Sat., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar. 

Jucifer, Polemic

Named one of the Top 100 Bands To Watch in 2004 by Alternative Press, this “louder than bombs” Athens, Ga. duo of vocalist/guitarist Amber Valentine and drummer Ed Livengood is known far and wide for a brain-numbing wall of sound that often includes more than a dozen massive speaker cabinets and a trap set that’s approximately the size of the Winnebago they reside in on a neverending tour that demanded they sell their home to live the life. Part doom rock, part metalcore, part sicky-sweet sugarpop, they veer jarringly from cathartic explosions of low-end rumble to whisper-quiet interludes that act like eyes of a rock hurricane. Wear earplugs and eat lightly before this show. Formed over half a decade ago, fellow Athenians Polemic offer up unhinged, sadistic, Sonic Youth-esque aural mayhem that gives a polite nod to melody and verse-chorus-verse songwriting, but is ultimately more concerned with over-the-top ranting and washed-out, distorted fuzzback. Imagine the angular herk-and-jerk of Pavement crossed with the angst-ridden Portuguese/German Rrriot Grrrl attack of Suspiria Franklyn’s Les Baton Rouge, and you’ll come close to the noise this tough-to-swallow (and aptly named) female-fronted trio creates. Fri., 11 pm, The Jinx. 

The Lost and Found

One of the most respected and recognized names in the bluegrass world, this internationally-known group has helped popularized this American music form for more than 30 years. Despite a few lineup changes over the intervening years, the group has maintained its high standards of both musicianship and vocal skills, and founding members Allen Mills and Dempsey Young are still on board to keep the whole thing true to the original spirit of the band. Their latest albums have been released on the legendary Rebel Records label, home to country and bluegrass icon Dr. Ralph Stanley and His Clinch Mountain Boys. This intimate show takes place at famed luthier Randy Wood’s 100-seat family oriented (no smoking or alcohol) venue just minutes from town near the Mighty 8th Air Force History Museum. Call 748-1930 for advance $20 tickets. Fri., 7:30 pm, Randy Wood’s Concert Hall (1304 E. Hwy 80, Bloomingdale) - ALL-AGES. 

Paul Reeves

This Savannah native relocated to Atlanta a while back in the hopes of furthering his musical career, so any time he returns to town, it’s a chance not only for family and friends to see how his artistry has evolved, but for new listeners to pick up on his work as well. The son of an established local musician, Reeves’ interests shifted from basketball to songwriting while in college, and he has thrown himself into a budding music career with a passion that is fueled in part by his devout faith in God. With an earnest, contemporary acoustic folk-rock style that’s both poppy and serious, it’s easy to liken Reeves’ output to those of other, more established artists of a similar bent: i.e., Howie Day, David Gray and James Blunt. His tunes deal with both secular and spiritual subject matter, and he gigs in both bars and churches. His latest indie CD features contributions from sidemen known for working with other atmospheric, textured indie rock and folk artists, such as Matt Wertz. Thurs., 8 pm, Tubby’s (Thunderbolt).