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Cool Hand Luke

Dense and lush Christian-themed post-modern rock that’s heavy on melody and piano, while still not afraid to drop some serious crunch guitars along with an up-front spiritual message. Many are calling their new sophomore release a strong contender for standout sleeper CD of the year. Folks are encouraged to bring canned food to this show to be donated to local shelters. Corey Crowder opens. Sat., 7 pm, Monkey Business (Hilton Head).

“Dead Leprechaun Cabaret”

This will be one of the first major live music events that this venue has hosted in some time (although it seems they’re getting more an more into such things under the direction of Industrial Resurrection keymaster DJ Shrapnel). This time they’re going all out with an appearance by Voltaire, one of the most noted live goth/industrial/electronica songwriters and stage performers on the East Coast, plus Asheville-by-way-of-Augusta’s Hellblinki Sextet (a dark and moody theatrical rock act that bases their pirate/cabaret/nightmare shtick and rattletrap percussion-heavy sound on Tom Waits’ Swordfishtrombones persona), and a travelling group of cutting-edge turntablists known as The End:troduction DJ Tour. This is a great example of the kind of  all-over-the-place, envelope-pushing shows we need more of in town to bridge the gaps that exist between different cliques and find the common denominators that bind Savannah’s underground culture. Thurs., 10 pm, Club One.  

“Jake Trout Benefit”

When their uninsured pal Jake was diagnosed with dreaded Lymphoma, a handful of the most respected punk, metal and flat-out heavy outfits in the immediate area banded together to throw this loud and brutal show to help raise funds for his treatment. Featured acts include Kylesa, Blacktusk, Two Days of Freedom, Chronicle A.D. and Earth Weed & Fire. They are also raffling off some serious prizes. If you were ever curious as to what this town had to offer in the way of harsh, extreme music,  you’ll find no better showcase than this. Raffle tix are only $8, and admission is only $10. Let’s make this one a sellout. Sat., 10 pm, The Jinx. 

“Jesse Fest” Benefit

The lineup for the Jesse Jordan Benefit Concert a few week’s back at Legion Post #135 was so packed that many of his oldest friends and bandmates could not be included. Now, many of them are throwing their own event, and it looks to be a winner as well.  Once more, proceeds go to help this local drummer recuperate from a debilitating fall, and this time out, musicians donating their time and talent include Chief & The Homewreckers, The Courtenay Brothers Band, The JOJA Band, Annie Allman, G.E. Perry & Strange Brew and Joey Manning. They’ll be raffling off some valuable  items as well, and this follow-up show makes an excellent bookend to the first event, plus it just goes to show what a beloved figure on our local scene Mr. Jordan is! Sun., 4 pm, The Bayou Café. 

The King of Prussia

Slowly but surely, this coffeehouse on forsyth Park is diversifying its booking practices, and adding indie rock and dreamy, underground pop bands to its already established roster of singer/songwriters and Old-Time Americana. With influences such as Magnetic Fields, Neil Young and Belle & Sebastian, it’s not surprising this Athens group would fit in nicely with many Elephant 6 groups from back in the day. They offer simple, earnest, non-threatening psychedelia with a hint of morose introspection. Oh yeah, and they’re real good at it. Opener Unsolved Mysteries is an anomaly on our local scene — a one-man electronica project that’s as concerned with writing memorable tunes and mastering the art of self-promotion as with making their friends show up and smoke. Sat., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean - ALL-AGES.  


The closest thing savannah has to a living, breathing version of the Garden State soundtrack, this intense, piano-based modern rock band wears its influences a little too proudly on its sleeve (Coldplay, Arcade Fire, U2), but that’s tempered by their studied stage presence and obvious love for the spotlight. Riveting, if a tad derivative, and well worth checking out. Stella Noir opens. Fri., 11 pm, The Jinx. 

The Sandcarvers

This venue has cornered the market on top-notch Celtic punk and rock, and this Midwestern act  is near the top of the heap. They’ll be joined by well-known Celtic rock internet DJ John Bowles. Prepare to drink, sweat and stomp. Fri., 10 pm, Murphy’s Law.