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Darsombra, Jonathan Richman
Jonathan Richman, a.k.a. Theodore Cleaver


At 10 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 16

The Jinx, 127 W. Congress St.

Baltimore metal guitarist Brian Daniloski – a founder of Meatjack – has fashioned a psychedelic, ambient music–mash with elements of electronica, vocal improv and doom metal (he says he pulls in neoclassical and musique concrete for the ambitious soundscapes as well).

It’s freaky, frightful, fascinating stuff, experimental and oddly engaging. He loops droning guitar and creates a sort of inky wall–of–sound that defies cognizant categorization.

Percussionist Ann Everton is part of the Darsombra experience – a visual artist, she has designed a multi–media package that’s triggered by the music. See


At 10 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 23

The Wormhole Bar, 2307 Bull St. $10

Since this show is likely to sell out, we thought we’d put the spotlight on it in this issue, even though it takes place next week, on Feb. 23. And Master Richman does not give interviews, so instead of hearing what he has to say, here’s what we have to say about him:

He’s a Boston–bred singer/songwriter who came out of the post–punk gate with a quirky rock ‘n’ roll band called the Modern Lovers. Richman’s songs (and his singing) are simple, wistful and often childlike – in fact, there was a rumor going around, when he first appeared, that Richman was actually the grown–up Jerry Mathers from Leave it To Beaver (he isn’t). Although the band had a huge cult following, it never really broke through, and Richman “went solo” in the late 1980s.

For more than 20 years, Richman has been one of those omnipresent, enigmatic figures who always seems to be on the road, putting out albums sporadically (I Jonathan, Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Shadow, Surrender to Jonathan and the new O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth) and turning up in a high–profile way (that’s him in the movie There’s Something About Mary, the singing, guitar–playing Greek chorus that semi–narrates the story).

At this Wormhole show, as in the film, Richman will be accompanied by (snare) drummer Tommy Larkins.


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