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Giving thanks for local musicians
Jeff Beasley's one-man band

Seeing as it’s a holiday weekend, when (presumably) the vast majority of college–age music fans are out of town for the big turkey–go–round, Savannah’s club owners (a lot of them, anyway) have opted out of booking those sometimes pricey touring bands.

This state of affairs gives us time to re–examine some of our homegrown talent – bands, artists and ensembles whose Thanksgiving includes a festive gig or two right here on their home turf. Let’s raise a glass to them, and give thanks that we have such a rich musical cornucopia from which to extract wining fruits.

MIA this week: Liquid Ginger, the Train Wrecks, Cusses, General O & the Panhandlers and several other marquee names who’ve apparently chosen the dinner–at–home option. See you soon.

Eric Culberson Band: Along with drummer Stuart Lusk and bassist Nate Saraceno, electric guitarist Culberson makes the toughest blues–edged music in the lowcountry. They’re all over town this weekend: At Live Wire Nov. 23, Retro on Congress Nov. 24 (Thanksgiving Day), Congress Street Social Club on the 25th, and at Rocks on the Roof – that’s the outdoor club on the roof of the Bohemian Hotel – Nov. 26.

A Nickel Bag of Funk: For funk and R&B both old–school and new, look no further than lead vocalist Leslie Adele and her company of first–class musicians and singers. ANBOF is at the Hide–A–Way Nov. 25, and at Tantra Lounge on the 26th.

Jeff Beasley: His one–man–band has to be heard to be believed, but this weekend ace guitarist and rock/blues singer Beasley’s got a gig with his ass–kicking trio, too. Catch ‘em at Rocks on the Roof Nov. 26, and at The Pit in Rincon the following evening. Beaz plays a solo show at Unkie Bubba’s restaurant on the afternoon of the 26th, too.

Georgia Kyle: Kyle Shiver does acoustic blues and country better’n just about anybody else around here. And when he’s got his three–piece band with him, the music smokes and curls like something out of a hot BBQ pit. He’s onstage (solo) at the Warehouse Nov. 27.

The Royal Noise: The finest jazz/funk quartet in town, currently in the mixing stages on CD No. 1, is at Live Wire Music Hall Nov. 26 with the incredible Dirk Quinn Band.

Let’s share our cranberries, too, with veteran acoustic performer Greg Williams (Sunday the 27th, Lulu’s Chocolate Bar), Lauren Lapointe and Mark Carter (playing Driftaway Cafe on Friday the 25th) and Bottles & Cans (two nights at Tybee Island Social Club, and a third at Blowin’ Smoke). Free Candy and Lonesome Swagger share a Jinx bill Friday night. And Savannah native Brock Butler – the guitar wizard behind nationally–known jam stars Perpetual Groove – has his annual Thanksgiving show Wednesday, Nov. 23 at Loco’s.