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Goddamn Gallows, Little Tybee
Goddamn Gallows (Jinx, July 8)


With Viva le Vox, Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band

At 1 p.m. Friday, July 8

The Jinx, 127 Congress St. $6

Raw and hard–flailed and plucked electric guitar twang. Standup bass played like slaps of galloping thunder. Drums from some heavy tribal hell. Electric washboard – weird enough in itself – and mandolin strummed like power–punk fury.

Oh yeah, sometimes there’s a banjo. And an accordion. And bursts of smoke and flame.

If the songs are fast and loud, with the unmistakable strains of hillbilly yowl – hyper–adrenalized Americana – it’s a good bet we’re talking about Goddamned Gallows.

Originating in Lansing, Mich., GG is one of the club circuit’s premier “psychobilly” groups (their self–bestowed sub–genre tag is “gutterbilly”).

Former .357 string band member Jayke Orvis joined the band in 2009, followed (or preceded – depends on who you ask) by the washboard/mandolinist known as Avery (he breathes fire, too). The drummer goes by the name of Baby Genius; the band’s founders are Mikey Classic (guitar) and Fishgutzz (bass).

This visceral and unsettling (in a good way) band has four albums: Ghost of the Rails, Gutterbilly Blues, Life of Sin and the just–released 7 Devils.

Goddamn Gallows’ label, Farmageddon Records, likes to call the band’s live show “an unpretentious and from–the–gut carnivalesque smorgasbord of parts old time revival, circus sideshow, and good old–fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.”

Can we get an amen?

The Pennsylvania–based Orvitz opens the show with a set from his “other” outfit, the Broken Band, playing acoustic–based bluegrass and country music. See


At 8 p.m. Sunday, July 10

Sentient Bean, 13 E. Park St. With Do it to Julia. $5

Direct from their triumphant opening set for Givers at the Jepson Center in May, Atlanta's fleetly-foxy acoustic indie heroes return with another headlining show. Little Tybee is familiar to Savannah fans - they've played here a million times and, of course, began as Fountain and the Brock Scott Quartet, all founded and worked-hard in the Hostess City by Ryan Donald, Pat Brooks and Scott, who plays guitar and piano and sings lead vocals.

Scott graduated from SCAD Atlanta in 2009 with a degree in sculpture. What sets Little Tybee apart from others who trade in nouveau-folk ephemera is their attention to the details of arrangement, both musically and vocally. Their music frothy fun. And it doesn't hurt that 8-string guitarist Josh Martin is a monstrously good player, and that the secret weapon is a classically-trained violinist named Ryan Gregory. New full-length is Humorous to Bees. See