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Grasstowne, General Oglethorpe


At 7:30 p.m. Friday, March 9

Randy Wood Guitars, 13904 US 80, Bloomingdale


About as far as you can get from the Savannah Stopover, which has all but taken over the live music scene for the weekend ... Alan Bibey, a three-time International Bluegrass Music Award winner (as Mandolin Player of the Year), heads this top-drawer group of young, hotshot pickers. To wit: Justin Jenkins (banjo); Kameron Keller (bass); Adam Haynes (fiddle) and singer/guitarist Dustin Pyrtle.





At 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 13

Meddin Studios, 2315 Louisville Road

$15; $10 with student ID

Since several members of General O & the P's are still in school, it's entirely fitting that this show is taking place on SCAD's last day of finals. The band is about to take off for a two-week southeastern tour, and this is their "gas money" gig. Cusses may be the marquee name on this bill, and the cool up-and-coming trio Whaleboat is playing too, but today, it's all about the Panhandlers. Their all-new EP is about to drop.

Since Daniel Wilson joined on keyboards, xylophone, trombone and vocals, and with the addition of bass player Crystina Parker, the band's complex compositions have taken on an exciting new depth in performance.

Yeah, yeah, and it's free beer all night, as long as the kegs hold out.


Ah, the Hellzapoppin’ Circus Sideshow is back for a wild night at the Wormhole (it goes on late on Saturday the 9th, after the club morphs, Cinderella-like into a Stopover venue with Girl in a Coma, Turf War and the Big Sleep. Anyone with a Stopover badge or wristband can stay and see it, should they desire). Look for returning favorite “Zamora The Torture King” (that’s him in the worth–a–thousand–words photo), nose–balancer Frank Simon, Swedish juggler and daredevil Maryanne Madgdelen and others ... And wouldn’t we be remiss if we didn’t give one last shout-out to the San Diego band The Pink Floyd Experience, which has been building walls and flying pink pigs worldwide since 1995. At the Johnny Mercer March 12, it’s the full music ‘n’ visuals Floyd and pony show — check it all out (and in) at ....