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Here's the Savannah Stopover schedule

If Savannah had subways, the steam would already be starting to rise, as news trickles out about the upcoming third edition of the Savannah Stopover Festival.

Connect is thrilled to once again play a major role in our city's three-day celebration of new and exciting indie music at various venues, March 7-9.

We're sponsoring or co-sponsoring all three shows at the Knights of Columbus hall, including the festival-opener by Thurston Moore's Chelsea Light Moving (at 10:30 p.m. on March 7, with Tampa's Merchandise opening at 9).

Connect-ified , too, is the March 8 show at the KOC venue, featuring Chris Cohen, Ducktails and Snowmine (starting at 10:30).

We're all really jazzed about the March 9 Knights package, with out own Whaleboat, plus the great Ponderosa and Athens legends The Whigs (9 p.m. start time).

It's never too early to start planning your itinerary for the big weekend.

For ticket info, et cetera, see

Thursday, March 7:

Ships of the Sea Museum: 7 p.m., The Last Bison; 8 p.m., Ben Sollee

Sparetime: 9 p.m., William Tyler; 10 p.m., Mumbledust

Knights of Columbus: 9:30 p.m., Merchandise; 10:30 p.m., Chelsea Light Moving

The Jinx: 11 p.m., Calvin Love; midnight, Naomi Punk; 1 a.m., Mac DeMarco

Club One: 10 pm.., Pan; 11 p.m., Hott MT; midnight, Delicate Steve

Taco Abajo: 10 p.m., Wet Socks; 11 p.m., Diarreah Planet; midnight, Hunters

Congress Street Social Club: 10 p.m., Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires; 11 p.m., the Dunwells; midnight, Bronze Radio Return

B&D Burgers (Congress): 10 p.m., You Won't; 11 p.m., Leagues; midnight, Kopecky Family Band

Hang Fire: 10 p.m., Talk Normal; 11 p.m., the Coathangers; midnight, Prince Rama

Friday, March 8

Jinx: 5 p.m., Eric Britt; 6 p.m., Whiskey Dick; 10 p.m., Alex Bleeker and the Freaks, 11 p.m., The People’s Temple; midnight, Country Mice

Sparetime: 5 p.m., Jamison Murphy; 6 p.m., Sincerely Iris

Taco Abajo: 5 p.m., Les Racquet; 6 p.m., Heyrocco; 10:30 p.m., Sun Club; 11:30 p.m., PUJOL; 12:30, Ambassadors

Congress Street Social Club: 5 p.m., SCAD Battle of the Bands Winner TBA; 6 p.m., City Hotel; 7 p.m., the Accomplices; 8 p.m., Sam Sniper, 10 p.m., Vensaire; 11 p.m., Sun Country; midnight, Stoplight Observations

Hang Fire: 5 p.m., Blackrune; 6 p.m., Mercies; 7 p.m., We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves; 10:30 p.m., Moon King; 11:30 p.m., HAERTS, 12:30, BRAIDS

B&D (Congress): 5 p.m., Swear & Shake; 6 p.m., Filligar, 7 p.m.: this mountain; 10 p.m., Jacco Gardner; 11 p.m., Sean Bones; midnight: Fossil Collective

Forsyth Park Bandshell: 7 p.m., Royal Canoe; 8 p.m., of Montreal

Knights of Columbus: 10:30 p.m., Chris Cohen; 11:30 p.m, Ducktails; 12:30, Snowmine

Club One: 10:30 p.m., The Suzan; 11:30 p.m., KidSyc@Brandywine

Saturday, March 9

Sparetime: 5 p.m., The End of America; 6 p.m., Pree

Jinx: 4 p.m., Clouds & Satellites; 5 p.m., the Wild Feathers; 6 p.m., Damon and the Shitkickers; 9 p.m., Bear Fight; 10 p.m., Single Mothers; 11 p.m., Vietnam; midnight, Turbo Fruits

Taco Abajo: 4 p.m., Deep Search; 5 p.m., Suburban Living; 6 p.m., Shark?; 10 p.m., Royal Canoe; 11 p.m., Mobley; midnight, Daniel Ellsworth and the Great Lakes

Congress Street Social Club: 4 p.m., Color Feels; 5 p.m., Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands; 6 p.m., Autumn Owls; 7 p.m., Little Tybee; 10 p.m., the Train Wrecks, 11 p.m., Filligar; midnight, Henry Wagons

Hang Fire: 4 p.m., Lovely Locks; 5 p.m., Blessed Feathers; 6 p.m., Young Buffalo; 10 p.m., Beach Day; 11 p.m., Triathalon; midnight, Dent May

B&D (Congress): 4 p.m., Christopher Paul Stelling; 5 p.m., Country Mice, 6 p.m., Cheyenne Marie Mize; 10 p.m., Field Report; 11 p.m., this mountain; midnight, Roadkill Ghost Choir

Jepson Center for the Arts: 9 p.m., Jonathan Toubin's Soul Clap and Dance Off

Knights of Columbus: 8:30 p.m., Whaleboat; 9:30 p.m., Ponderosa; 10:30 p.m., The Whigs

Club One: 11 p.m., Fine Peduncle; midnight, Yip Deceiver

RIP Live Wire

The first performer I ever saw at Live Wire Music Hall, shortly after I moved to Savannah four years ago, was the incredible Bobby Lee Rodgers (where are ya, Bob?) Between the Hold Steady, Trigger Hippy (with Joan Osborne), Moonalice (with the incredible G.E. Smith), Jimmy Herring, Col. Bruce Hampton and innumerable Royal Noise shows, I spent more quality time in the bricky River Street rock house than I probably should have!

Sad, indeed, to find the venerable (at 5 years old) Live Wire has closed its doors. I don't know all the details - the company's business is nobody's business - but it's really a shame. It's a prime piece of real estate, and doubtless another touristy seafood restaurant is waiting in the wings.

In recent months, we've lost too many live music venues - Screamin' Mimi's 2, Retro on Congress, Desperados and the now-you-see-it-now-you-don't Guitar Bar/Yatta Yatta club. Somebody needs to step up to the plate. Can't we find a JinHi Soucy Rand for our music community?

Gee, do you think downtown rents might be a little on the pricey side?

Live Wire manager Daniel Robertson sent me this message: "This has been a wonderful and challenging endeavor. We helped resurrect Savannah's live music scene and did it with one goal in mind ...bring new and creative music to Savannah by booking bands/musicians from the region and national scene that in some cases were completely unknown in this market.

"Our motto has become ‘Love Live Music,' and I assure you that is exactly what we do. It's been a great ride! We are stuck in a situation that will prevent future shows from occurring at this location, but we will continue to book and produce the best live entertainment in Savannah."