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Larry Mitchell, Cope


At 9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 4

Live Wire Music Hall, 307 W. River St. $7

The winner of 25 New Mexico Music Awards, guitarist Larry Mitchell took home a Grammy in 2007 for production work on Native American artist Johnny Whitehorse's album Totemic Flute Chants. He was nominated again in 2009.

As an artist Mitchell has released six solo albums encompassing everything from world music and Native American Contemporary and/or Traditional to rap, rock and children's music. "I like to play for people and get their reaction to it," he once said. "I like to hear people laugh, smile, cry, whatever. If they enjoy it then that's great. If they don't enjoy it, I under¬stand that. Music is a personal choice, so I don't expect everyone to like it. I just hope I can reach a lot of different people."

A former session and tour player, Mitchell is an insanely good guitarist who's more interested in putting across tones and emotions, as opposed to simply shredding - which he can  do, too.

He's touring with a drummer and bassist. This should be a killer show.


At 9 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 4

Congress Street Social Club, 411 W. Congress St.

Brothers Ken and Dennis Stadelman, originally from Ohio, are the guitarists and visionaries behind this Tampa, Florida-based jam band (Ken plays bass in Cope, but they're both multi-dexterous). With Dave Goulat on drums, and the prodigiously talented Juan Montero on keyboards and saxophone, the band blends roots-rock, reggae, funk and bluegrass, with deliciously cool three- and four-part harmonies soaring over the top. Cope played Florida's prestigious Wanee Festival in April, and blew everybody away.


Fresh off the Vans Warped Tour, the eclectic rock ‘n' roll aggro Everymen has a Jinx date Saturday, Aug. 4. From Lake Worth, Florida (a sleepy town just west of Palm Beach), the band includes "Captain Bobo," ex-Vive Le Vox, on guitar, banjo and vocals, plus violin, accordion, mandolin, washboard and other things. It's easiest to call Everymen a tattooed gypsy-punk Americana band, but you really have to experience them to get at the truth ... Comedian Ken Evans, voted "Funniest Person in Columbus" in 2008 and "Funniest Person in Cincinnati 2010," plays two sets at the Wormhole Saturday, Aug. 4 ...