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Michael Amburgey

This local acoustic guitarist is something of a legend around these parts. Steeped in the rural and folk blues revival of the ‘60s, this monthly gig finds him joined by a rotating cast of talented friends. Thurs., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.


Energetic and hard-to-peg local alternative band whose myriad of influences include dub reggae, ska and acid-rock. There’s also a scoopful of granola in there as well, but I can’t say that too loudly or they get upset. One of the more noteworthy bands in town at present. Thurs., 10 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House + Fri., Savannah Blues.


Extremely popular local trio playing upbeat, danceable blues shuffles and soulful party music. Fri. - Sat., 10 pm, Mercury Lounge.

Bottles & Cans

See Connect Recommends.Thurs., Savannah Blues + Sat., The Jinx.

Eric Culberson Blues Band

Probably Savannah’s best-known blues act, Culberson (or EROK as he’s sometimes known) has been at this for over a decade, and he’ll soon release his 3rd indie CD. His fiery and stinging guitar style is akin to both Freddie and Albert King, and his growling vocals improve with age. Fri. - Sat., JJ Cagney’s.

The Dynamite Club

NYC-based experimental punk act (with Japanese roots) that mixes bizarre stage behavior (i.e., diaper wrestling, martial arts, disturbing outbursts and audience baiting) with limbic system guitar-and-drums noise. Wed., The Jinx.


Eat Mo' Music

New instrumental quintet (trumpet, bass, drums, trombone and guitar) offering jazz, blues and funk grooves. It’s an invigorating approach that few local combos have taken over the past 2 decades. Sat., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

Frank Emerson

Beloved acoustic guitarist and singer whose take on traditional and contemporary Celtic ballads and more modern pop tunes have made him a longtime favorite at this Irish pub on River Street. Wed. - Tues., Kevin Barry’s.


Excellent funk, hip-hop and jam band from Athens, that’s heavy on the JB. This is being billed as the “official Wilco after-show party,” and the venue’s giving away a Fender guitar signed by all members of that famous band. Fri., Locos.

Dodd Ferrelle & The Tinfoil Stars

See Connect Recommends. Fri., The Jinx.

Fetish Night w/DJ Shrapnel

Monthly alternative lifestyle event for exhibitionists and voyeurs alike – to the incessant beats of industrial, darkwave, synthpop & techno. Thurs., Club One.

The Hitmen

Local electric blues band led by a cat known as “The Hitman.”Tues. (hosts Open Mic) - Wed., Savannah Blues.

Hush Money

Regional emo band offering originals and some covers (INXS, Talking Heads, U2). Mon., Savannah Blues.

The Immortal Lee County Killers

See Connect Recommends. Sat., The Jinx.

Jeanne Flight

Promising local indie-rock act (bass, drums, guitar and keys) offering mildly experimental songs that incorporate vocals, but don’t make them the focal point of their compact originals. Sat., NV Night Club (Nevaeh/Top Floor).

The David Keller and Jackson Evans Jazz Duo

Local act featuring a veteran bassist who’s worked with “Gatemouth” Brown, and an up-and-coming guitarist. Fri., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

Melodious Ground

Athens-based sextet who claims the psychedelic culture of the ‘60s as a key inspiration. They also include elements of ‘80s electronica, and – in addition to their own material – cover Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, Bob Marley, and The Police. With a travelling light show and dedicated web presence, they – like our own Perpetual Groove, are closely following the patented Phish and Panic business model. Thurs., JJ Cagney’s.

Reverend Jeff Mosier (of Blueground Undergrass)

See Connect Recommends. Sun., 6 pm, Trinity United Methodist Church (Telfair Square) - FREE TO ALL AGES.

Patty Hurst Shifter

See Connect Recommends. Fri., The Jinx.

The Peelers

Bouncin’ off the walls Celtic rock band from Canada with a decidedly punk edge. They’ve become local favorites through their rare appearances. Perfect for fans of The Pogues, The Clash, and Flogging Molly. Mon., The Jinx.

The Permanent Tourists

Entertaining and tight-as-a-drum party band specializing in rock, funk, soul, and R & B covers. They gig constantly throughout the region, and have become known as one of the premiere such groups in our area. Fri., 9 pm, The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island).


G.E. Perry & James Gay

Local electric guitar and mouth harp duo offering a nuanced take on the blues. Wed., 8 pm, Fusion/The Monkey Bar + Sun., 8 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.


What is it with Japanese art-rock bands and chocolate? Whether it’s the Boredoms, Shonen Knife, or Piccalinsu, the sweet product of the cocoa plant is common subject matter. This Kyoto group blends the sonic collage of Yamatsuka Eye and his lot with Velvets-inspired droning guitar pop. Their (faux?) naive sing-song vocals and low-fi recording is charmingly obtuse. Also on this bill is Osaka’s The Guva, of which extremely little is known in the USA. Wed., The Jinx.

Puppet Slam 2

Ribald, anything-goes humor from regional, national, and SCAD-based performers utilizing stop-motion animation, marionettes, and traditional hand puppets. Parental guidance suggested for kids. Sat., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.


Buzzworthy new group that’s headlined some of the biggest Celtic festivals in North America, featuring former members of heavy duty Irish-rock acts Seven Nations, Celtic Soul, and late ‘80s British alternative outfit The Bolshoi (remember them?). This popular watering hole is choosing the occasion of The Savannah Irish Festival to officially change its name and show off recent renovations. The new moniker is meant to reflect an ongoing commitment to tradition, while acknowledging that the bar’s clientele has slowly shifted to a younger and slightly more trendy crowd. Sat., Finnegan’s Wake (formerly O’Connell’s Irish Pub).

Stephen & Jeremy Riddle

Stripped-down set of rarely-heard originals and esoteric covers from two brothers best known for their roles in local rock band Argyle. Instrumentation includes bass, acoustic guitar, percussion and electronic effects. Sat., 10 pm, B & D Burgers (Southside).

Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love

Not much can be said of this 13-piece R & B band, except that they’re one of the most impressive musical projects in town. Their size keeps them out of most clubs, so they have to throw their own infrequent public shows. With a full horn section, and a dazzling setlist of thumping Motown, Stax and Philly soul nuggets, they are not to be missed. Rumor has it they’ll soon release a debut CD. I’m told they’re holding a small number of tickets back for sale at the door the night of the show... Sat., 8 pm, The Hellenic Center (Bull & Anderson Sts.).

The Savannah Irish Festival

See Festival Feature. Sat., 11 am - 8:30 pm + Sun., 12 noon - 6 pm, Savannah Civic Center.

Brock Scott w/Justin Boykin

Local acoustic duo claiming a wide variety of stylistic influences from jazz to rock. Thurs., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.

Souled Out

Classic rock cover act that’s been an local favorite for years, now back together after an extended absence. Sat., 9 pm, The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island).

The Stewart & Winfield Band

Rare full-band show for this Athens Americana act with strong local ties. Thurs., 8 pm, Arts on The River Festival.

Technicolour Stallion

Young, aspiring indie-rock band that combines a freewheeling jam-band aesthetic with brash punk sensibilities. They’re said to have an impressive bass player and charismatic vocalist. Sat., NV Night Club (Nevaeh/Top Floor).



Local “y’allternative” act offering bittersweet, minorly anthemic Southern pop and jam-rock in the vein of Jupiter Coyote or Sister Hazel, plus like-minded covers (Skynyrd, Drive-By Truckers)... Sat., 10 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House.