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Absylom Rising

Touring jam band whose repertoire draws on bluegrass, rock, funk and jazz for inspiration. they have become a regular (and popular) attraction at this River St. seafood restaurant. Fri. - Sat., 10 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House.  

Acoustic Ladyland

When unhinged and frisky electric Delta blues band Bottles & Cans turn down the amps, bring out the “natural” guitars and swap old-time mutli-instrumentalist Joe Nelson (fiddle, banjo, mandolin, uke, etc...) for mouth harpist Marty Ellis, they go by this in-joke moniker. Sat., 10 pm, Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub. 

Annie Allman

Longtime jazz/blues/rock/pop player who’s got mad chops on a variety of stringed and percussion instruments. Sun., 7 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.  

The Jeff Beasley Band

Chicago-style blues and early rock & roll (think Buddy Holly) from singing guitarist/percussionist Beasley. Wed. (solo) & Sat., 7 pm, The Warehouse + Fri., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar + Mon., Murphy’s Law.   

The Beer Parlor Ramblers

Traditional Dixieland jazz at a landmark burger and seafood joint. Fri., 7:30 pm, The Crystal Beer Parlor. 


After well over a decade (and several lineup changes) this solid, entertaining and experienced electric blues combo has become a fixture at bars, restaurants and clubs in our area. They’ve recently welcomed a new bass player to the fold, and expanded from a trio into a quartet. Drummer Ken Harrison says this new conglomeration is one of the most exciting and versatile they’ve enjoyed to date... Fri. - Sat., 10 pm, Mercury Lounge.  

“Bond Girls Are Forever” Costume Party

While it’s safe to say there’s no way anyone can fit a jet-pack, amphibious sports car or “Moonraker” laser rifle into this downtown dance club without attracting serious attention of the wrong kind, all it takes for the ladies to get into 007 mode are some skintight outfits, teased hair and squirt guns. With music from DJ Analog Kid. Look out for Bambi and Thumper... Sat., 10 pm, Savannah Down Under (Invasion Level 3).  

Bottles & Cans

This relentless boogie and crystal meth Texas swing band has the proverbial hammer ringin’, and you best believe the nails are goin’ all the way down. Wed. & Sat., 10 pm, Savannah Blues + Thurs., 10 pm, Mercury Lounge.  

Eric Britt

Solo acoustic set of originals and covers from the frontman of well-liked regional alternative rock band Hazel Virtue. Sat., 10 pm, Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub.   


One of the most recognized nightclub acts in all of Savannah, guitarist Dennis “Chief” Hinely knows hundreds of popular rock, pop, soul and country hits — and if he doesn’t know the one you’re asking for, he’ll sight-read it off of the sheet music stored in his laptop. He’s also the featured vocalist for the current incarnation of the infamous JoJa Band. Sun. - Thurs., The Bayou Café (upstairs).  

The Tony Clarke Project

Organic contemporary and acid jazz, with a heavy funk and R & B influence, led by versatile drummer Clarke.  Thurs., 7 pm, The Mansion on Forsyth Park.  

Thomas Claxton

Acoustic guitar-driven rock originals and covers. These are some of the last local dates for this songwriter before his planned move to the Big Apple in search of fame and fortune. Wed., 7 pm, Pogy’s Bar & Grill (Richmond Hill) + Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, The Bayou Café + Sun., noon, City Market Courtyard & 5:30 pm, The Warehouse. 

Buddy Corns & Rock Mob

Rock and blues cover act led by a local vocalist and guitar ace. The weeknight shows are solo dates. Wed., 7 pm, The Island Grill (Pt. Wentworth) + Thurs., 7 pm, Augie’s Pub (Richmond Hill) + Fri., 10:30 pm, Bayou Cafe (top floor).  

Chuck & Bucky

Acoustic guitar and vocal duo offering well-known pop and country hits. Wed., 7 pm, Driftaway Café (Sandfly) + Thurs., 7 pm, Baja Cantina (The Landings).  

Chuck Courtenay & G.E. Perry

This gig finds popular local troubadour Courtenay backed by a noted blues and jazz guitarist. Sat., 9 pm, Fannie’s On The Beach (Tybee).  

Deep Blue 3

Local electric blues combo that used to be known as Mama’s Mojo.  Sun.,  5:30 pm, Sorry Charlie’s. 

Frank Emerson

Acoustic guitarist and vocalist playing Celtic ballads and popular cover songs. Mon. - Tues., Kevin Barry’s. 

Grupo Savannera

Latin and American jazz from a lineup of locals utilizing violin, timbalés, congas and other idiosyncratic instruments. Sat., 9 pm, The Mansion on Forsyth Park.  

High Velocity

Popular local cover act with a massive repertoire of Southern rock, classic rock, and modern-day pop country hits. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Tubby’s (Thunderbolt). 

The Hitmen

Blues power trio featuring guitarist/frontman Brett “Hitman” Bernard, drummer Mark Cordray and bassist Andy Peña. Tues., 10 pm (hosts Open Mic) + Thurs., 10 pm (hosts Open Mic), Locos Deli & Pub (Downtown) + Sat., 10 pm, Savannah Blues.  

Bill Hodgson

Longtime local guitarist/singer, offering popular and obscure rock, pop and soul covers. Saturday’s show finds him joined by The Veraflames’ singing guitarist Skip Hinely and drummer Freddie Stringer for a full-band show. Fri., 7 pm, Tubby’s (Thunderbolt) + Sat., 8:30 pm, Pogy’s Bar & Grill (Richmond Hill).

The Independents

The world’s foremost horror-ska band. What more can be said? Oh yeah, the late Joey Ramone used to be their manager and producer. With snotty, jackhammer indie-rockers Super Black Market (think Jawbreaker meets The Placemats), and Shotgun Solution. Fri., 10 pm, The Jinx.  

Stewart Marshall

Acoustic Americana covers and originals from a founding member of popular “y’allternative” band Stewart & Winfield. Thurs., 10 pm, Murphy’s Law. 

The Angela Roberts Quartet

Jacksonville-based jazz vocalist who’s quickly earned a rep as one of the better singers of her ilk in this region. Sat., 9 pm, The Mansion on Forsyth Park.   

“Georgia” Kyle Shiver

“Gypsy” guitarist and singer who augments his original, contemporary acoustic tunes with spirited takes on country, folk and blues material by everyone from Johnny Cash to old-time Georgia artists like Oscar Ford and Fiddlin’ John Carson. Wed., 10 pm (w/Fiddlin’ Scott Holton), Fiddler’s Crab House + Thurs., 9 pm (w/The Tybee Two), Fannie’s On The Beach (Tybee) + Fri., 7 pm, A.J.’s Dockside (Tybee) + Sun., 10 pm Café Loco (Tybee).  

Shrimp City Slim

Impressive Charleston-based guitarist (real name: Gary Erwin) who plays a mixture of Delta blues, beach music, boogie tunes and R & B that he terms “Coastal Blues.” Sat., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar. 

Peter Tavalin

Respected jazz pianist, educator and composer who scores silent films when not playing laid-back gigs like this one. Wed., 7 pm, The Mansion on Forsyth Park.  


Be-bop jazz combo featuring the aforementioned Tavalin, drummer Josh Safer, and renowned bassist George Sheck. Fri., 9 pm, The Mansion on Forsyth Park. 

Gail Thurmond

Jazz pianist and singer who’s played for years at this secluded darkwood bar in the cellar of one of downtown’s nicer eateries. Many make it a point to stop in and catch Gail’s fluid, unpretentious (and unpredictable) show on a regular basis, as she’ long ago became a true fixture on our local music scene. Tues. - Sun., Planter’s Tavern (Below the Olde Pink House Restaurant). 

The TJ Project

Acoustic duo featuring members of local jam band Turtlefolk. Fri., 10 pm, Locos Deli & Pub (Southside). 

The Train Wrecks

Irreverent, roots-rock covers and originals, featuring acoustic guitarist/harmonica player Jason Bible, bassist Eric Dunn and drummer Markus Kuhlmann (of Hazel Virtue). Thurs., 7 pm, The Warehouse.

Voodoo Soup

Fat, greasy, Southern rock-drenched soul covers and extended, jamming workouts from a handful of fiery local players with great chemistry and passion for what they do — featuring members of The Permanent Tourists and The Greg Williams Band. Sun., 10 pm, Mercury Lounge.