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The New Christy Alan Band

Popular dance, rock and party music band featuring Ramona Jeffries and Brian “Ragman” Dinghess. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Fannie’s On The Beach (Tybee).


The Ants

Depending on who you ask, Kansas songwriter Chad Bryan (the brains behind The Ants) is either a meandering, unfocused tunesmith who offers up half-baked droning knockoffs of Pavement songs that work best when wrapped in low-fi, rural backup (a la The Band or The Flying Burrito Brothers), or he’s “one of the best word-handlers in the business of words,” who shines when his songs “give us a sense of being somewhere in particular, a sense of place.” The first opinion is shared by most who’ve reviewed his two indie albums. The second is from the revered poet laureate (and Lucinda’s dad) Miller Williams. Everyone agrees that loneliness, despair and confusion are prevalent themes in Bryan’s work. The show’s free, so either way, you’re getting your money’s worth... Thurs., The Sentient Bean.

The Back River Ramblers

Local acoustic “supergroup” mixing bluegrass, country and R & B (featuring songwriters Daryl Wise, Kyle Shiver and Dobie Simmons). Wed. - Thurs., 7 pm, Fannie’s On The Beach (Tybee).

The Jeff Beasley Band

Local electric blues/rock trio. Fri., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

The Beer Parlor Ramblers

House band playing Dixieland jazz. Fri. - Sat., 7:30 pm, Crystal Beer Parlor.

Blast of Grass

An energetic bluegrass group from North Florida that describes their approach to the form as “movin' forward - lookin' back.” Fri., 8 pm, Randy Wood’s Concert Hall (Bloomingdale).


Tight, seasoned electric R & B in a variety of genres, from swampy, Southern blues-rock to classic Texas swing and upbeat Chicago shuffles. Covers and originals. Fri. - Sat., Mercury Lounge.



Local cover group playing Motown, shag and assorted soul and R & B hits. Fri., Mary’s Seafood & Steaks.

The Chris Chandler Trio

Jazz from one of the area’s best-known pianists. Sat., Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

Buddy Corns & Eladnella

Local rock guitarist and singer Corns is a prolific songwriter, and his new band mixes his originals with well-known covers. They host this venue’s new Open Mic Nights – one for electric artists, and one for acoustic acts. Mon. 8pm (hosts Open Mic) + Thurs., 8 pm (hosts Acoustic Open Mic, The Music Box.

The Courtenay Brothers

Sibling duo specializing in pop, rock and modern country hits played on acoustic guitars with sequenced backing. Sat., 1 pm, The Grill Beachside (Tybee) + Sun., 6 pm, City Market Courtyard.

Eric Culberson Blues Band

Electric, Albert King-style blues from a local artist who’s known internationally. Tues. (hosts Open Mic) - Wed., Mercury Lounge + Fri. - Sat., JJ Cagney’s.


Local acoustic trio playing original “college rock” they liken to the Dave Matthews Band, among others. Fri., 10 pm, Spanky’s (River St.).

The Defilers

Greaser-punk and retro-rockabilly act from Charleston, South Carolina. Fri., The Jinx.


Fight Amputation

Screeching and growling vocals mixed with wailing guitars backed by thrashy tribal beats. Sat., The Jinx.

Foggy Bottom

See Connect Recommends. Thurs., JJ Cagney’s.

Susan Gibson

See Music Interview. Fri., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.


Brunswick-based swamp-blues act that features a fiery, full-throated vocalist, and plenty of swirling Malaco-style keyboards and stabbing guitar leads. Fri., 12 midnight, Malone’s.

The Hitmen

Formerly known as Hitman & The Blues Boys, this local outfit plays electric blues and features former members of Eric Culberson’s Blues Band. Tues. (hosts Open Mic Night) - Wed. + Sat., Savannah Blues.

Lauren Lapointe

Local singer/songwriter who’s been likened to Jewel for her vocal presence and style of acoustic guitarwork. Thurs., O’Connell’s Irish Pub.

Liquid Ginger

This female-fronted pop-rock act was named Best Local Rock Band two years in a row by our readers. They have released two impressive indie CDs of original material, and mix like-minded covers (Meredith Brooks, No Doubt) into their sets. Sat., 9 pm, The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island).


Maurice & Doubleday

Danceable hits from the past few decades. Wed., 7 pm, Go Fish.

Harry O'Donoghue

Versatile Irish singer/guitarist playing acoustic Celtic tunes, both traditional and contemporary. Wed. - Sun., Kevin Barry’s.

Obsession Day

Originally known as Dial 8, this modern rock band from Atlanta throws hints of electronica and nÜ-metal into their studio efforts. While their guitar textures and treated vocals reek of The Cure or Radiohead, ultimately they add up to a stylish, production-heavy hybrid of Collective Soul and NicklebackŒ but not nearly as infectious as the former and not nearly as annoying as the latter. Catch ‘em now, as they’re probably going somewhere. Fri., O’Connell’s Irish Pub.


Old-Time Music Jam Session

Organized by well-known scenester (and mountain music aficionado) Joe Nelson, this free picking party is open to anyone with an acoustic stringed instrument. The idea is for all manner of folks to join in on traditional tunes from the turn of the century through the 1920s. Mon., 7:30 pm, The Sentient Bean.

Phantom Wingo

Loud, versatile improv-rock with a bluesy edge. Fri., O’Connell’s Irish Pub.

The Positions

Energetic local cover group with a wide setlist of crowd-pleasing rock, pop and soul tunes from Tracy Chapman to Johnny Cougar. Fri., Fusion/The Monkey Bar.

Pretty Shady Chicken

Up-and-coming local jam band led by the songwriting of Nate Saraceno. Their psychedelic and jazz explorations bear more than a passing resemblance to Phish and early Pink Floyd. Thurs., Savannah Blues + Fri., Locos Deli & Pub.


Charlie Sherrill

Danceable pop mixed with light jazz, reggae and calypso. Wed. - Sun., Doc’s Bar (Tybee).

The Six Million Dollar Band

Well-known local party band playing high-intensity guitar-heavy classic and modern rock hits, plus ‘80s new wave. Fri. - Sat., 8 pm, City Market Courtyard.


Dynamic, high-energy modern metal band from that leans toward a late-’80s hard rock sound. They have recently augmented their originals with a few choice covers. Fri., Savannah Blues.

The Chris Talley Band

Athens-based singer-songwriter fronting a straight-ahead rock band that has a loyal following at this venue. Sat., O’Connell’s Irish Pub.

Gail Thurmond

Light and jazzy takes on torch songs and cast-iron ballads from one of Savannah’s most established pianists. Tues. - Sat., The Planter’s Tavern (beneath The Olde Pink House).


Local sextet playing Motown, shag and oldies. Sat., Fusion/The Monkey Bar.


Two Blue

Unique old-school blues act featuring a standout harpist/vocalist, and a guitarist who doubles on percussion. Thurs., 9:30 pm, Malone’s.

Two Path Road

Local group (featuring the duo of Keith & Ross) playing country, rock and jam tunes. Sat., Locos Deli & Pub.

2nd Annual Tybee Island Music & Seafood Festival

See Connect Recommends. Fri. - Sat., Tybee Beach by the North Beach Grill.


Voodoo Soup

Local jam group featuring members of The Greg Williams Band and The Permanent Tourists that specializes in heavy groove music (think ‘70s soul and Southern R & B). They’ve become a solid weekly draw at this River Street music club. Wed., JJ Cagney’s.

Wake Up On Fire

This Baltimore crustpunk band boasts a cello and two drummers for maximum strangeness. They’re known for heavy-duty live sets, and recorded their debut at Charleston’s Jam Room. Sat., The Jinx.


The Greg Williams Band

Edgy blues and classic rock-inspired jams mark the best moments of this limber unit’s sets. Williams has long been a towering presence in the Savannah music scene. He’s one of the finest and most prolific contemporary pop songwriters we have. Fri., 9 pm, The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island) + Sat., 12 midnight, Malone’s.