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Jeff Beasley

Solo blues set from the leader of Too Blue. Jeff plays electric guitar, sings, and accompanies himself on a stripped down drum kit, all at the same time... Wed., 7 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

The Boomerang Band

Local act playing beach music, as well as soul and classic rock cover tunes. Fri., 9 pm, Pogy’s Bar & Grill (Richmond Hill).


Bottles & Cans

Rough and edgy Delta-style blues (with great mouth harp and drumming work) that’s equal parts Tom Waits, T-Model Ford, Hound Dog Taylor and The Black Keys. Featuring Mike Walker of GAM and BlackwÜrm, and Ray Lundy of Too Blue. Thurs., Savannah Blues.

Eric Britt

Solo acoustic gig from the songwriting frontman of popular regional alternative rock group Hazel Virtue. Wed. (hosts Open Mic) & Fri., Finnegan’s Wake.

Chaos, Inc.

Local 5-piece that seem torn between standard-issue Southern jamband noodling and flights of (seemingly) “Stonehenge”-inspired D & D rhetoric. I can’t tell if the toadstool and hookah stuff is a joke, or if they’re serious. I hope it’s a joke. Sat., 9 pm, Creole Red.

Brandon Clark

Young, sensitive acoustic singer/songwriter from Cumming, Ga. who’s now based in Savannah, and cites John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson and Howie Day as influences. Fri., 8 pm, Café Ambrosia.

Thomas Claxton

Classic rock cover tunes played on acoustic guitar and sung with an intense demeanor by this former member of the Dynamic Duo. Wed., 7 pm, Pogy’s Bar & Grill (Richmond Hill) + Thurs., 8 pm, Bernie’s on River Street + Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Bayou Café.

Kenneth Cowan

Brooding songwriter with a distinctly different approach and angle than most other local singing guitarists. Fans of the dour “anti-folk” of artists like Leonard Cohen and Elliot Smith will likely find some simpatico with Cowan’s sparse ruminations on interpersonal relationships and the how and why of it all. Wed., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.

Mary Davis & Company

Trio of guitar, bass and voice – featuring vocalist Davis, frontwoman for the popular Wilmington Island-based Band In The Park. Their setlist includes a wide variety of laid-back rock, soul and pop hits. Sat., 7 pm, Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House.

Eat Mo' Music

This (mostly) instrumental funk-jazz quintet (of guitar, bass, drums, trombone and trumpet) seems to be playing everywhere lately. That’s as much a testament to their unique approach (for this area), as it is to the simple fact that making jazz music dance-oriented or giving it a slight rock edge is always the quickest way to bridge the gap between high art and popular culture. Fri., 9 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

1st Friday For Folk Music

Alcohol and smoke-free coffeehouse-style acoustic concert hed by The Savannah Folk Music Society. This month’s performers include locally-based guitarist and songwriter Lauren Lapointe, Jacksonville, Fl.’s well-known duo Tammerlin, and Ron Fetner – an award-winning singer/songwriter from Virginia. Admission is free for ALL-AGES, but there’s a suggested donation of $2 that helps fund Savannah’s annual Folk Music Festival. Fri., 7:30 pm, Welesy Monumental United Methodist Church (429 Abercorn St.).

High Velocity

Southern rock covers and originals played with devotion by veteran regional musicians who are doing their best to keep the flame alive. Some of this group used to be in the well-known (and well-liked) outfit Bounty Hunter, who backed up Molly Hatchet’s Danny Joe Brown) back in the day. Fri. - Sat., 9 pm, Gilley’s (Hinesville).

The Independents

Ska music and horror imagery go together like peanut butter and chocolate. No, wait. That’s not true. Whatever. Anyway, this theatrical South Carolina punk act has been doing their damnedest to prove that peculiar adage for years now. For a while, they even had the late Joey Ramone on their side – he produced their records, managed the band and generally took them under his wing. Fri., 10 pm, The Jinx.

Mara Levi

Openly gay singer/songwriter (sample lyric: “Dear old Mrs. So and So / I thought I'd call and let you know / Your daughter is a big HOMO / And she's lying next to me”), who’s won awards for her work, and who some have likened to Fiona Apple (not me). Thurs., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.

Liquid Ginger

One of the most popular straight-up pop bands this area has ever produced. LG has two above-average indie CDs to their name, and a large and loyal following who flock to their shows. Expect a mixture of radio-friendly modern rock originals and mainstream cover tunes. Word has it that this cool venue will cease to have live entertainment in 2006, so catch it there while you can. Fri. - Sat., 9:30 pm, The Oyster Bar (Wilmington Island).

Eddie Mercer

Solo guitarist/singer playing popular cover tunes in a variety of genres. Fri. - Sat., 7 pm, Stingray’s (Tybee).

Jude Michaels

Acoustic guitarist and cellist who plays standard bar-band fare (pop and rock covers), plus a few originals form his indie album. Thurs., 10 pm, Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub.


Retro metal act made up of former members of Anti-Seen and the Dead Kings (among others). Their material is likened to that of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Alice In Chains. Fri., 10 pm, The Jinx.

Harry O'Donoghue

The area’s most beloved Celtic troubadour, who hosts the long-running Public Radio show The Green Island, and has just released an impressive new independent CD. Wed. - Sun., Kevin Barry’s.

Meika Pauley

Sultry Northeastern acoustic guitarist and songwriter who’s been featured on a Starbuck’s compilation, and tours internationally. She’s made this venue a regular stop. Thurs., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.

Rick & (Liquid) Ginger

Acoustic duo side project from Liquid Ginger, playing a variety of cover tunes and a few rearranged versions of the band’s own songs. Thurs., 7 pm, Baja Cantina (The Landings).

The Serenaders

Duo of one guitarist and one dancer (who both sing) that can usually be found busking on River Street. Now they’re attempting to hone their act and make these oddly-arranged cover tunes work in a club setting. The promoter can’t say enough good things about this act... Sun., 7 pm, Jazz’d Tapas Bar.

27Georgia Kyle" Shiver

“Gypsy” songwriter who returned to his Georgia roots after years busking and gigging in and around the Boston folk scene. He recently released a live CD of both covers and his own material. His Fiddler’s gig also features the talents of “Fiddlin’ Scott” Holton. Wed., 9 pm, Fiddler’s Crab House + Thurs., 7:30 pm, Fannie’s On The Beach (Tybee) + Fri., 7 pm, A.J.’s Dockside (Tybee).

Jan Spillane

Soulful local singer/guitarist with a strong blues influence and 2 indie CDs. Tues., 9 pm, Molly MacPherson’s Scottish Pub & Grill.

Amy Steinberg

Empowered female agit-folk guitarist from Florida with a sense of humor and attitude to spare (think Ani DiFranco). Fri., 8 pm, The Sentient Bean.


Formerly known as the Crippled Masters, this Savannah band relocated to Athens and changed their name, but their pastiche of Middle Eastern drones, Klezmer grooves and film noir-ish instrumental mood music remains intact. It’s like surfing on acid with a gaggle of rabbis. This is part of a MySpace-promoted tour featuring Phoenix post-hardcore/emo act Greeley Estates, “screamo/punk/comedy” quartet A Change Of Pace and San Diego’s emo/classic rock hybrid My American Heart (none of whose members are over 18). Sat., 7 pm, Starland CCA (2424 Bull St.) - ALL AGES.

Too Blue

Electric blues act fronted by guitar-playing vocalists Jeff Beasley and Ray Lundy (of Bottles & Cans). Fri., 6 pm, The Warehouse + Sat., 9 pm, The Mansion on Forsyth Park.


Twangy, Americana-influenced locals who pledge allegiance to the type of gritty rock and country hodgepodge offered by their heroes The Drive-By Truckers, Skynyrd and Widespread Panic. Covers and originals. Sat., 10 pm, Finnegan’s Wake.